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Crafting questions

dege78dege78 Columbiana, OHMember Posts: 28
Hello I've just started playing the game. I'm actually enjoying it after getting use to the controls. It seems to capture Final Fantasy well for an mmo in my opinion. I'm curious though what would be a good craft to get into for a low lvl character to help with funds for decent equipment and foods. Eventually I'll get into crafting more at a later date I'm just hoping for something that can provide additional funding with a minimal investment since my character is still new. I've read a few guides that suggested fishing, alchemy,  or I think goldsmithing was the other. They were all quite old though so I was looking for some more current opinions. Thanks


  • TelakiTelaki Platte, MOMember Posts: 361
    Hands down fishing. Every other craft requires an already existing sorce of money to level it, then you'll need to farm ingredients, THEN you can craft somthing. Or you can walk over to a body of water and fish up your profit.

    The earliest money maker is Moat carp. Hume Rod+ Insect Paste is the best combonation. They're in freshwater only, and you can fish them up for all the beginning towns.

  • dege78dege78 Columbiana, OHMember Posts: 28
    Thanks for the tips. I'll try out fishing later today. I definately need more money I'm finding.
  • Tasos4Tasos4 New Hyde Park, NYMember Posts: 14

    Leathercrafting and Alchemy. For leather get some dark crystals, distilled water and windurstian tea leaves and go to Konschtat(sp?) to kill sheep and make leather out of it. Good because it stacks and it's a minimal investment. For alchemy kill whatever bees you see for chips and save them. Use the profit off of the leather to get alchemy up a bit so you might be able to HQ beeswax and later on silent oils.

    While fishing is all profit, I would rather get a root canal than level it. It's boring (to me) and rediculously slow to level.

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