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Suggestions to Improve SWG (Edited: Changing Tactics)



  • jrscottjrscott Member Posts: 1,252
    It's always been my stance that the comparison of current gameplay to any game, past or present is current gameplay discussion.  This post CONSTANTLY refers to the present as it compares to the past.  It very much is a review of current gameplay.

    I would urge the moderator to re-read the post and consider how often the poster refers to current gameplay being unsatisfactory and think about correcting his honest mistake.  I would normally put this in a PM, but I would also like to point out to our less than honest Fanbois how disingenuous they are being.

    Check out the list of excerpts below.  Very few are discussed in the context of the past.  They are obvious complaints about the way things are today.

    If you can go back now and read the post in question and still say it has no relevance to current gameplay, you are not being honest.  And after creating this list of mistakes the Moderator made I think calling this a mistake is generous.

    Learn the difference between trolling and a valid customer complaint: “PRE-CU
    FTW!!!” is trolling. “I put in a year's worth of work and spent $280 on your
    game and you throw all of it away on a whim?
    This is discussion of the CURRENT state of the SOE forums.  It is Current.

    2) Bring the game back to being a world sim:  This whole
    “generic clone of every other MMO on the market with a Star Wars skin” thing
    you’ve got going on just isn’t working.
    This thing = Current.

    This game’s less complex, easier, buggier,
    laggier and less populated.

    Your target audience: At the moment you’ve got hardcore RPers, disgruntled vets
    who claim to only stay because of their friends… and then you’ve got kids.

    Current, look at the words "At the moment"

    Crafting/Economy: This has been covered over and over again. It’s useless at
    the moment. If you don’t improve their items, get rid of the “no trade”
    equipment and add decay, you might as well drop the class and add in NPC

    Under 5) The reason that doesn’t work should
    be obvious. What will you be doing a month from now? I’ll farm for loot, I’ll
    fight rebels, maybe I’ll grind a new class to 90. 
    Future - we don't have a special board for that one!

    Tweaks and Revamps: For the love of God, stop revamping everything. Any time a
    system‘s needed a few tweaks, you’ve ripped it out and replaced it with
    something buggier. And lately the new systems are just buggier version of
    what’s in WoW or something that was in the game at launch.
    Ummm need I say it?  CURRENT

    Particle effects: Is this a low budget rave? No? Then why are there neon
    bubbles, fog and strobe lights when I’m fighting? That’s not Star Warsy nor

    Creature Handler: Everyone likes pets.
    Everyone CURRENTLY likes pets.

    Stop pissing everybody off: It’s one of the reasons so little people are

    10) Difficulty: I started a new guy on my first day back.
    Very recent past.  Pertinent to CURRENT gameplay.

    11) Focus!: This game still has major problems.
    Still has = Current

    12) Wounds: They brought the community together.
    Obvious reference to the past with no tie in to present.  You can move this line item but not the ones above. 

    13) Diversity: 95% of the people I met yesterday were Jedi who
    had put all their expertise points into healing. Half used guns, half used
    melee weapons. Is that the diversity you’ve been praising?
    Yesterday is near past and pertains to current gameplay.

    14) Jedi: Devs, pull your heads out of your a**es.
    Current plea for sanity.

    15) Temporary Enemy Flags: Bring back TEFs.
    Suggestion for CURRENT gameplay. 

    16) Legacy Quests: Fantastic rewards and experience (about five
    times as much as you’d get from a terminal). In fact, they’re so good, that you
    really have no choice but do them. Oh, and they’re mind numbingly boring.   Current

    17) The UI/Targeting System: It’s just clumsy mess.
    It's = It IS = Current

    18) Started in past tense but discussed current feelings of the playerbase on current events.  MIXED

    19) Instant Travel: Sure, it works with the current system. Why
    wait around at spaceports when there’s no one else around and the game’s
    focused on constant, mindless action?
    Focused on the Past.

    20) Where the **** Did My Scout Go?
    This could easily be worded:  Where the **** is my Scout?  But it still speaks of past gameplay as missing.  Gotta call this line item bad.

    21) The Action Icons: They look ridiculous.
    They do.  Do = Current.

    22) PvE: It's incredibly easy, boring and bugged.
    Sounds current to me.

    23) New, Old Content: What’s with all the people thanking the
    devs for bringing back double layer hotbars?  Currently happening.

    24) “Playing alone, alone”: I played on Bria and Ahazi during
    the last month. No amount of BS can get you passed the fact that there’s just
    no one around anymore.
    Current State of Affairs.

    I realize I said I quit. I never said it was forever :)

  • jrscottjrscott Member Posts: 1,252

    Originally posted by nthnaoun
    You forgot to put "Biased Review" in the topic. An unbiased review would take the standpoint of someone who has never played the game or who is used to the WoW type of games. Your review is biased, so it is not worth a grain of salt, except as a topic of discussion for Vets who agree with you anyways.

    A review from the point of view of somebody who has never played the game would be biased in favor of those that have never played the game and therefore could be judged useless by those of us who have.  Your viewpoint therefore is not worth a grain of salt except as a topic for those that agree with you anyways.

    See how easy that is?  A review is a review and is ALWAYS biased because humans write them. 

    I realize I said I quit. I never said it was forever :)

  • jandrsnjandrsn Member Posts: 187

    Originally posted by Praetoriani
    While I did enjoy reading your post, I felt this was SWG veteran's board material, so I moved it.

    Thank you.

    Hurray for the moderators; apperantely the Forums for SWG have lost a few mods, but we can rest assured they're alive and kicking here, huzzah! 

    Shenanigians.  Can't wait to see the next wave of Sony ads on this site, when I will be basically forced to find a new mmo site; as this one has placed money over integrity.  Where's the review for Dark and Light?  Would that cost you business as well?  I'm still trying to figure out why this site would do the seperate boards, seeing as how 0 dollars are made from us posting, but our page views are probably nice to have when the ad division goes out to sell space here.  The more SWG vets you annoy the less page views you will get.  Chasing users, page views, and posters away?

    Are you people going for the mythical WoW/NGE crowd that sony is chasing?  The majority of whom can read, but choose not to because it's not their 'thing'?  They won't come here to read, lead alone post.  Sure a few will, but they'd spend 30 bucks on a SWG expansion that just has a neat trinket included with no real meat to the expansion. 

    Unreal; SWG has continued to devolve into more and more rubbish, and it seems to bleed over to anything it comes in contact with.   Ahh, gotta love clueless business grads, degrees in hand and nothing to offer a business at the same time...

  • BissrokBissrok Member Posts: 1,002
    Oh, and yeah, it's biased. It's an opinion, it's always biased. But, look at the number of people who have disagreed with the points I made. I think there were two on the official site. I can't help but think that, however biased it may be, it's still the popular opinion among people who care about SWG.

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