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Game List seem to have many MMORPGS, but I need information does game has PvP or not? Reason is that I'm only interested pure PvE games. Sure I can go check they main web-page for it, but most the time it's very hard to find does it support PvP or not. So what MMORPG's there is that has no PvP at all?

Of cause it would be nice if the "Game List" could be added for PvE/PvP information.

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  • AelfinnAelfinn Member Posts: 3,857
    Anarchy Online is close to being pure PVE, and the PvP in it wont affect you unless you deliberately seek it out.

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  • evirusevirus Member Posts: 37

    a tale in the desert has no combat what so ever its 100% crafting


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