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Gaming Community!?!?!?!

TheyorinTheyorin Member Posts: 1

MU Online has the potential to be one of the most spectacular MMORPG's available, but the ingame community and the sheer lack of involvement the games "Dev's" is greatly letting it down. The MU Online gaming community has to be one of the worst i have ever experienced within my long MMOers, the graphics are good and the lvling side of things are reasonable but i cant enphasise enough the absolute abismal cumminty it has enherited. Only thing i can say is you have to be very patient with other players, and try it at as see for yourself.

Theyorin: (Myth of Somaimage, Savage Eden, Delta Force Land Warriorimage, Neocron, MUonlineimage El Kardianimage, Priston tale)



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