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eve online?

A lot of my mates are playing eve just now. Now my problem is i cant help feeling screwed beacuse it just takes a fixed ammount of time to get skills up. What do you think i should do. pay for eve or go play something else?


  • TheWarcTheWarc Member Posts: 1,199

    How 'bout you decide that for yourself?

  • SnaKeySnaKey Member Posts: 3,386

    Originally posted by TheWarc
    How 'bout you decide that for yourself?
    OP: Yeah man, it's really up to you. EVE Is a great game, but it's going to be about a month before you can actually play with your friends if they have been playing for awhile. You just really have to decide for yourself. You CAN catch up in the sense that you can PVP and hold your own and what not, the only thing you can't catch up on is the amount of different things you can do. But still, it's a great game.
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  • Cik_AsalinCik_Asalin Member Posts: 3,033

    I personally wouldn't play EVE.  I have found it to be the most grind ridden, time sink game on the market.  Whoa, you may say, but impression.  You progress in the game on the developers schedule, not yours.  As you know, every skill is 'hard-wired' to take a certain amount of 'time' to accomplish without any effort on your part other than 'waiting' it out.  So you'll get to a point where it will take you 3-6 months to gain another set of complimentary skills you want, while you 'wait'.  Good plan i suppose for some people, but not my cup of tea. 

  • Phantom_2728Phantom_2728 Member Posts: 30
    omg shut up already stop complaininng everyone just shut ur pothole. eve online is so hard, oh boohoo.

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  • StANDY1338StANDY1338 Member Posts: 49
    i only had the trial so i dont know if it would get old realy fast. I think i might get it if something else doesnt come alot within the month.

  • PrecusorPrecusor Member UncommonPosts: 3,589

    Pick the right attributes and specialize in what ever your into...and your be flying with your m8s in no time

    use this

  • StANDY1338StANDY1338 Member Posts: 49
    Thanks mate. Big massive railguns for the win 

  • NicoliNicoli Member Posts: 1,312
     There is no issue with people catching up in EVE because of the way the skill system is, You lose only Versitillity(sp?) to a older player. But when you start your character try to keep all the attributes except Charisma which allow it to be a few points lower. This will give you a good overall skill set to use. so if your only issue is catching up with your friends its not a issue as they should be able to help you with isk which is the real limiter in the game.

  • brutotalbrutotal Member Posts: 276
    When pirates are flying the cheapest ships they can get into so they have less to lose you shouldn't feel too behind.

    If you look into the skills you'll realize that someone will always be better then you by a small %, the thing is the biggest bonuses are taken at the start and slowly the amount you stand to gain by the amount of time invested decreases.

    Now imagine someone training up another races ships/guns so they can use them, spending the same amount of time you did to skill up to whatever ship, not to get more power but to try another ship style and be more diverse.

  • obscuredobscured Member UncommonPosts: 62
    Eve is great. I was playing it for many months. sometimes it gets boring yeah... nway its up 2 u


  • NadrilNadril Member Posts: 1,276
    It completly depends.

    I think that EVE was well made, but I don't enjoy it.

  • RK-MaraRK-Mara Member Posts: 641
    If you want opinions you should just use search. There's so many posts like this.


  • RuthgarRuthgar Member Posts: 730
    I think this is an easy thing to decide. You just have to answer these questions:

    Do you want to play a MMO with your friends?
    Is this the only MMO they play?
    Can you afford the monthly fee?
    Do you like EVE?

    Very simple.

    I continue playing WoW just because my friends play. I started playing only because they started playing.
    if they played EVE or whatever MMO, I would be playing that MMO with them.

  • RattrapRattrap Member Posts: 1,599

    It is very simple

    I played EVE for two years - so it is two year time investment.

    Eve is all about PVP , deadly PVP - if you die you lose your ship implants everything inside it costs credits and time.

    Basically if you played for a month versus me you will have a chance like a mosquito have fighting Tor god of Thunder.

    And that is good , no risk for me.

    So yes. You can catch up with me after one month, yes you can fly after a month. Please buy an account so i can mercilesly gank you over and over.

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  • StANDY1338StANDY1338 Member Posts: 49
        yea i think i might just concentrate on one thing and get them realy good then go hunt some pirates or something with a frigate.

  • grimbojgrimboj Member Posts: 2,102

    Originally posted by Rattrap

    I played EVE for two years - so it is two year time investment.

    I salute you for admitting this. You could pay a new car off before you became proficient at eve and hell - driving is more fun than nerding it up on eve.

    Note: PlayNC will refuse to allow you access to your account if you forget your password and can't provide a scanned image of the product key for the first product you purchased..... LOL

  • NicoliNicoli Member Posts: 1,312

    Originally posted by grimboj

    Originally posted by Rattrap

    I played EVE for two years - so it is two year time investment.

    I salute you for admitting this. You could pay a new car off before you became proficient at eve and hell - driving is more fun than nerding it up on eve.

    Yeah It did take me longer to become proficent in EVE then it took me to pay off my car... oh wait I payed cash up front... oh and it took me all about 3 minutes to become proficient in RF-Online so guess the same is true.
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