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Prophecies and Factions Collector's Editions

SvennEthirSvennEthir Member UncommonPosts: 21
The Collector's editions for Prophecies and Factions that I see around both list that they have special CE items and skills. Does anyone know what these are exactly?


  • rock_harryrock_harry Member Posts: 183
    yes its an off hand itam with + energy or health is factions you get a minni pet dragon and in the guild war Prophecies you get a headset with mice you all so get other things like maps art books stickers a funny colth pic thing did not see us getting any skills obe thing we did get was a shadow dance
  • MuraisMurais Member UncommonPosts: 1,118
       Omg! It's Svenn!

    <------- Murais, UD Rogue on SH

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