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a question

turokkkturokkk Member Posts: 22

I saw some videos of guild war and some pictures and im interested.......i want to know if

1) i have to pay each month??

2)wich CD should i buy,becuase theres guild wars, guild war fractions(sometihing like that) and theres a new one coming out..soo which one to buy and whats the difference.

3)can someone help me when i buy GW ?


  • GameloadingGameloading Member UncommonPosts: 14,182
    1: No, its a one time purchase in the store.

    2: get Guild Wars first, then buy Guild Wars factions once your done with GW, and buy GW: Nightfall after you beat factions.

  • turokkkturokkk Member Posts: 22 i should buy GUILD WARS  ok .....but whats the difference of GW & GW fractions &GW nightfall?
  • turokkkturokkk Member Posts: 22
    please help.,..what are the differences?
  • BentBent Member CommonPosts: 581

    Just browse around there and you can find answers to your questions.

    It not so much that they are "different" for not the same.

    Both games play the same pretty much, kill stuff and quest.  If you get GWs you will end up working your way through the game slower - slower "tends" to means more value to RPG players. You willl hit cap lvl about 50% through.

    Factions plays the same but has 2 extra classes and moves you through faster.  You will probably hit cap lvl <10% through.

    Other then that the games have different skills.  But if you just bought one CD and never read into what Guild Wars really is you would never know you are missing anything.

    My suggestion would be to get prophocies AKA GW #1.  You should be able to get it cheap, give it a try.  If you like it buy NightFall when it comes out.  Then if you want to do factions you can pick it up later.  Or just wait till Nightfall.

    Anyway thier is a free preview event going on this weekend.  I suggest you give it a try.  If not I would suggest you go out and buy a "pre-order box" to get a trial to both GW and Factions.  That way you could try both before you buy.  If you do buy you don't lose money because you get an extra char slot valued at $9.99.  If you find you don't like it your only out of 10bucks instead of 30-$50.

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