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lvl88 needs a new mmo

swordfreak13swordfreak13 Member Posts: 62
i need a game thats like rs but u now alittle better lol ill admit rs gets boring sum times thats y i need a new game


  • swordfreak13swordfreak13 Member Posts: 62


    maybe sum thing u dont have to download

  • Shrimp10Shrimp10 Member Posts: 275

     Try Silkroad Online.   If you decide to buy a MMO instead of just playing free ones, try WoW, GW or EVE.  

    Or, be a little adventurous and sign up for some betas.  

    Best MMOs - RuneScape and WoW
    Crappiest MMOs - Hero Online, SWG, DDO
    MMO's played - RS, WoW, GW, EVE, AO, PlanetSide, Jumpgate, Face of Mankind, MapleStory, SO, Liniege 1 & 2, City of Villains, Flyff, Realm Online, SWG, Seed, Sims Online, City of Heroes.

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  • godofwar69godofwar69 Member Posts: 151


    There Is Like So Much More Quests In That Game

    More Skills Also


    Pick How Tall Or Short Your Character Is

    And You Can Get Factions,NightFall

    And Connect Them To One Ultimate Game

    WoW is Cool To But At LvL 60 Nothing To Do

  • glockmasterglockmaster Member Posts: 147

    is silkroad any good coz i am wondering if i should download that game or face of mankind what do you think ?

  • glockmasterglockmaster Member Posts: 147
    i think that guild wars is okay but when u get to a certain lvl and a certain place in the story it gets a lil borin
  • BobCrazytonBobCrazyton Member UncommonPosts: 2,117

    I know you might be shocked by this but you needed a new game at level 1.

  • swordfreak13swordfreak13 Member Posts: 62
    i know  but u start at lvl3
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