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Game needs some real programmers

RoldownRoldown Member Posts: 20
This game would have been good if the programmers knew how to program.  But obviously, they don't.  The game started out full of bugs.  After months of patches, the game is still just as buggy.  If they knew anything about software development, the number of bugs would have declined over the months.  But instead, the game continues to be a mess.  If they were going to invest so much money in this game, they should have learned to program first.  No one is going to continue to pay fourteen bucks a month for a low quality game programmed by beginners.


  • KaibyakuKaibyaku Member Posts: 65
    I was disgusted with this game when they first put it out and began to charge, but I am even more appauled that people acctually play.


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