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problems for the states

sly220sly220 Member UncommonPosts: 606

okay ive been looking and everyone is suspecting a  DEC/JAN launch for TCOS however ive been searching on how i could pre-order this game and no one seems to have it on there list  they have LOTR and a few other soon to be games but not this one... kinda odd that if a game is gonna launch that soon that well youd be able to order it would you not? if some one knows somthing pls inform me i know that europe will have it but how about the states is the launch date for us and them or what???

Friend is need is a friend indeed



  • vivatmavivatma Member Posts: 15
    December or January sounds about right if there aren't any problems. Of course it will release in Europe before US, so taking all that into account, you'll just have to be patient. Oh and, about the pre-order. What does it matter, pre-order doesn't mean you'll be able to play sooner. (The reason those other titles have theirs out is because they are in need of the extra cash to keep the momentum.)

    Just be glad if they don't release before they are 99% ready.

  • shaeshae Member Posts: 2,509

    They've made no official comments about pre-orders or distribution for either the UK or NA. Chances are we'll know more as we get closer to release date.

    Honestly though, try not to get overly excited as a push back may well be in the cards. Patience should always be practised when dealing with un-released game, most especially an MMORPG.

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