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helbreath server (need one not got one) ;)

yo ive been deprived of a good helbreath server ever since my latest (underground) went down... private servers always die off eventually but i wish for some short term entertainment.. woop woop... anyone got a site for a private server or even just the file links. cheers image

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  • FlamingBoiFlamingBoi Member Posts: 206

    you can't post such topics here image..

    mod will close this soon..?

  • FinweFinwe Member CommonPosts: 3,106
    Dont tell me that MMORPG has gotten so bad as not being able to post sort of shady game content. I'd be truely appalled.

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  • FlamingBoiFlamingBoi Member Posts: 206

    topics abt private servers are not allowed here i think =/..

  • ShmeeShmee Member Posts: 321
    Theres nothing condoning it, posting info shouldn't be a problem your not doing anything wrong unless you actually play itimage

  • HemKhanHemKhan Member Posts: 231
    Its just the RO free servers they wont allow you to post anymore. Its cause Gravity was being bitchy about it.

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  • CohhCohh Member Posts: 265
    Yes, we do not condone the use or spread of free server info when p2p services are availiable, sorry!

    -MMORPG.com Staff-


  • JutsuJutsu Member Posts: 264
    You were told image



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