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Cant believe people still play this game



  • NinixNinix Member Posts: 190
    well... i like the RF System :O so well...... yeah.... doesnt realy matter what other's think :P


  • dmodusdmodus Member Posts: 21
    First day trying to play this game, the tutorial was bugged something bad. Nobody wanted to help so i exited tutorial went into the game world. Lol, only five people were around and they were all high levels, noone else of my level or near enough was there. Noone wanting to chat either. I thought the game was bad in beta, it would seem it hasn't changed one iota.
  • NinixNinix Member Posts: 190
    what server do you play on? if ur not on spirit... then maybe you should try it... there's a kinda good comunity there


  • TenkuTenku Member Posts: 5
    Great game, ran by one of the worst companies in the world and a GM team that only cares about censoring the forums rather than doing their jobs.  Hopefully a better MMORPG comes out soon because Ragnarok Online II is just too far away.  I know about 120 people who wants to quit this game already but has no alternative to go to.

  • NinixNinix Member Posts: 190
    hmmm... well... i agree that codemasters suck.... and the game could have bin a bit better.... and well.... if i found a better game.... i might switch aswell... but for now... i think RF Online is ok


  • dmodusdmodus Member Posts: 21

    tutorial is broken, keeeps asking my character to put a shortcut called 'prick' in the shortcut bar, well I feel a right 'prick' for paying for this trash. Doesn't let you escape or cancel the tutorial either. had to figure out another way to escape the awful awful game. Ie: stopped playing. lol

  • NinixNinix Member Posts: 190
    hmmm i dont realy understand... i mean.... i never had that problem.... i just press cancel on the tortrial... and it skips.... hmmm... sounds weird


  • GautamGautam Member Posts: 7
    Wow, congratulations folks - this is an arguement that can only be made of two things: fanboys and suck.

    That being said, I think RF Online is alright. It's not the greatest game that I've played, but it's certainly not the worst. It's the first MMO that I've actually committed any paper to, but does that make it my favorite? Far from it.

    So why'd I pay for it. Honestly, the game itself is a diversion from other games and it's something that I enjoy to do from time to time. I really didn't want to get an MMO like, say, FFXI or WoW because, in being "so much better" than this game, there're certain aspects that cause these to be more addictive. I personally know people who've dropped out of college from playing FFXI too much, (I know these're horror stories that folks tell you before playing MMOs, but I speak nothing but truth) I have friends who managed to stay in school while playing WoW, but it's the only thing they do beside go to class.

    I mean, is that desirable? It's a great game, but did I want to become addicted to it? Of course not. Which is why I'm happy that there're some things wrong with RF. It's fun enough to keep me entertained, but the grind gets tiring enough where I'm like, "Okay, I can't put in more than an hour or so a day, that's good." I mean, being a full-time student, I like to keep things balanced.

    But enough preaching - originally, I was drawn to the game because of the artwork. It looked like Lineage 2 with mechs - and that's what I got, not only in art style, but in gameplay too. People complain about the art being drab and the beginning areas being too "boring," but honestly, you can't fucking judge from playing for twenty minutes! I mean, that's why MMOs give you a week or so on the trial period, so you can hopefully look around and get a feel for the game. I mean, I bought this game after going through three trial periods - nearly a month out of my life. Since I thought I was going to put money to it, I wanted to make sure that it was something that I could play after the initial ten days. And, for this one, it happened to be true.

  • HonkieHonkie Member Posts: 152

    Your arguement is rather silly, Guatam.  You like the game because it's not that great?  You want to play it because the grind is so tedious that you can't force yourself to play more than one hour per day?  That's something you want to actually spend money on?

    Let's be serious for a moment.  I think we can all agree that RF Online has a severe grind incorporated into it.  The characters are in large part, cookie cutters of each other.  One summoner is the same as the next, though there are some differences in gear (gear comes, gear goes, gear gets ebayed, meh).  Gear is obtained through more repetitive grinding.  Let's not even discuss how troublesome it is when someone sets up a farming bot on the quest mobs that you need to kill, and proceeds to kill-steal you for as long as you care to attempt to clear your quest?

    The chip wars are the big pvp draw that this game features.  However, the pvp is so heavily weighted towards levels, a person with a mere 5 level difference is virtually undefeatable!  How much skill is involved when, regardless of tactics or trickery, you simply cannot hurt the other guy, and he hits you like a bank vault dropped on your head?  Level 25 and up can hit the chip, right on, the minimum level to pvp isn't too excessive...right?  Wrong.  What that doesn't tell you is that, at level 25, you're going to have the pleasure of being one-shotted by most of the other people fighting against you.  No big penalty, right?  Just run on back, and beat that chip, wait, one shotted again on the way to the chip.  Bummer.


    All in all, RF Online is undoubtedly the worst game of any type I have ever played.  If there is a hell, being forced to play this game for 8 hours a day is it.

  • GameloadingGameloading Member UncommonPosts: 14,182
    RF Online is a game that was released too early. the next giga update will add a lot of content and reduce the heavy grind, but its content that should have been there from the start. after this update, RF Online is finally what its supposed to be.

    patch notes can be found Here
  • bongo123bongo123 Member Posts: 304
    like the poster above said i was drawn to the art style on the box and the nice screenies on the back, im into manga and certainly have a soft spot for mechs but the game was so utterly lacking in anything remotely fun for the first load of levels and from what i hear it doesnt get any better i have to admit im surprised its still going, thought it wouldve imploded by now... guess people like to buy games and spend hours grinding, me, i prefare to enjoy myself not continue working through the night.

  • NasherUKNasherUK Member UncommonPosts: 480

    Me and about 10 other people I know (aswell as half my guild ingame) quit before their free month was up because the game is just so dire.

    I lost interest in it after seeing the "combat" system consists of who has the most health potions wins and nothing else.  That and 95% of the game is empty, both of players and content.

    I saw a few games shops trying to shift copys of RF for £2 a few months ago and no one would buy em :P

    Btw Archlord is pretty much a clone of RF with different models, so avoid that to.

  • 1legendary71legendary7 Member Posts: 21
    I gotta say even i quited before my free month whas over . It whas no more fun to play the game after a while . It's tooooooo much money just for a game and certainly if you dont like the game
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