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*Looking Nice!!!!*

Hey,this game is a popular game,no doubt,but i dont believe it is geting the hype it deserves.I think EA is working hard on this title,and i can tell by the site.Example,under the F.A.Q. it lets you rate how good you think the question was answerd,nice idea.Also,the Guild War/Battles sound good as that have a mode were u can completly customize the battle,and you can be ranked on a ladder.The PvP sounds nice,and also the graphics are a HUGE step up from its preddecessor.I think this game might go toe-to-toe with games like Everquest 2,Lineage 2,Guild Wars,and maybe even WoW.I have high anticipations for this game,and even though it is recognized greatly,i think it should be placed up on a peddastool a bit more.

If MMORPGs are addicting us,and keeping us 24/7,then why are we wasting our importing leveling time here?

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