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guilds and houses?

maybe someone can help me on this:  When I first started following this game it seemed like your House was comparable to your Realm in DAoC.  IE all Silvers are automatic allies just like all Hibernians are automatic allies.  The difference here is that the 5 houses of TCOS are not at full blown war with each other like the realms of DAoC.  Rather the houses are in a sort of political battle with each other, just trying to push their own agenda and avoiding conflict when they can.  Of course, conflict isn't always easy to avoid.  But the more I read, the more confusing the House/House interactions seem to be.  Like, I heard something (possibly a rumor) that Guilds can stretch across Houses?  That's kinda weird...how are you supposed to support Rune's conquest of Shard Omega if half your best friends are in Shroud?

Is my description of the game accurate?  (Can someone maybe explain the politics clearly if I am mistaken?)


  • DelanorDelanor Member Posts: 659
    No it is not a rumour that guilds can have members of different High Houses. Originally it was planned that guilds belonged to a High House, but they dropped that idea about a month ago as they also dropped House driven shard conquest and replaced it with guild driven shard conquest. Although at release there will be no shard to conquer yet and it might all change yet. As to it not making much sense: that is true, but we will see how it works out.


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