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NEW Final Fantasy PC RPG!

Thats right NEW FF RPG and it will not be FFXIII im talking about but it will be the reamke of FF7 thats right FF7  if you dont believe me go on japanese square enix and the link could still be there but go on the dirge of creberus link then click the multiplayer link the it will open a link for a FF11 webpage then click on the search and type   

Final F 7-The Remake

Just do that and there will be a all new story line like new info on Prof. Gast aand Hojo and even more on why Shinra was created and even RUFUS'S MOTHER.

Thats all i know.

peace out



  • Synyster777Synyster777 Member Posts: 301
    I wish they would make a new Legend of Dragoon game or a remake of the original it is the best RPG I have played ever much better then FF7. This remake sounds pretty awesome though and I will look forward to it hopefully they erase the poor jokes and add more storyline.


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  • XaspherousXaspherous Member UncommonPosts: 379

    They should make a remake of FF8. That was one of my favorite Final Fantasy games. Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus looks to be pretty good. I am just going to wait and play it at my friends house instead of buying the game.

  • SephexSephex Member Posts: 3
    OMG legend of dragoon dammm that game was ahead of its time it was awesome way better than ff7 yeh i wish they'd make  another version of that ; ;
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