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Good news for Remant Ent. and Tales of the Unwritten. first big Step.

vchewjrvchewjr Member Posts: 2
January 2004
Remnant Entertainment is pleased to announce they have licensed the BigWorld™ engine for the development of TALES OF THE UNWRITTEN.
"The BigWorld™ Technology engine is a high performance 3-D game engine that provides players with an immersive interface to the BigWorld online universe. It has been specially developed to meet the needs of next-generation MMOG developers and to incorporate the cutting edge graphics available with modern hardware. . . millions of players can interact with each other [with] no shards, no borders and no limitations."
For detailed information on the BigWorld game engine, visit them online at:


  • vchewjrvchewjr Member Posts: 2

    for Company info
    for Game info

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