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Missions or not?

anubiz03anubiz03 Member Posts: 2

I'm playing Entropia, and one thing I would love to see was missions. Not any bigtime "save the universe" storyline quests or anything. Just some small-time missions like finding a lost item for a npc or kill a specific monster or something and then recieve a little money.
Or maybe a real-person hiring system where you could also get missions from real persons (although that kinda already is in the game). I think things like that would make the game much better but what do you think?


  • morpheus2nmorpheus2n Member Posts: 14
    Wishfull thinking this has to be the lamest MMO ever (next to SWG now) I really regret downloading this so pants yet there loads of peeps on it strange?!?!?!
  • GrauhaarGrauhaar Member Posts: 10

    Not that I really understand morpheus2n's strange language, but "lame" for sure is the wrong word. A world of such toppgrafical variety, with an abundant wild life and a demanding exonomical system can't be lame. It depends what you make of it. Join a good society and go exploring/hunting/minig/crafting. Try your luck on the robot spaceship and other artifacts or fly to the space station. Teamwork is the key to this game.

    No public missions? Yes. It's a commercial game, and u can't get much for free unless you are very lucky. But lots of private missions if your soc is active and organized.

  • CopelandCopeland Member Posts: 1,955

    I read in an interview that some sort of missions are going to be implemented soon. They were a bit vague.

  • cwilliams194cwilliams194 Member Posts: 18
    The way the developers have set up this game there will never be any developer imlemented quests. Any ingame activities would have been set-up by a society or a business.


  • M_RufenPowerM_RufenPower Member Posts: 9

    Funny you mention this, cause as of last year MA introduced the mission system lol. And it only took them 4 years to finish & implement it ingame, woptido! There are now way to many missions on calypso alone with 4 more iron challenges added, oh my O_O. An iron mission is usually help kill mobs for CFA organisation for one for one reason or another which usually range from 100,250,500,1000,5000,10000. And the counter resets after each stage LOL, flipping great I can tell you, constant grinding of mobs. Also their loot has almost but have become worthless with MU on those mobs at an all time low. Ofc there isnt a mission for every mob on calypso, yet. As I'm sure with enough time there will be & one for every maturity group of each mob... the horror but just you wait :P. Anyways the missions are kind of a nice way to get free rewards after finishing them & they usually let you have attribute gains & sort of skills you can select from with varying TT amounts.

  • EU_RAZEREU_RAZER Member Posts: 85

    to be honest I do not like the missions on Calypso very much, to much grinding with most of them. There are a few nice ones and from what I understand the new planets (Cyrene and Arkadia) will make much better use of the mission system in EU. Sure we can not be sure yet, but the signs are good !

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