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about pvp

patheospatheos Member Posts: 1,148
So i have been playing over 75 hours and havent heard or talked about pvp much, just been having fun with pve. So anyway i was wondering if someone could describe the pvp a little and also i would like to know how i can started with pvp if i want to switch to that more.

I almost have my ele to lvl 20, hes 16 now.



  • BentBent Member CommonPosts: 581
    Take a look at this post

    If that post doesn't help you... follow the fansite links at the top.  Some of them have PvP guides and if not the their forum have a PvP section.

    My answer - Look at fansite forums PvP and class sections.  The general deal is you don't PvP with the same chars you used to PvE.  You just keep making and deleting PvP-only chars as per you group / guilds request.

    If you want to do any non-random PvP.  Get a guild.  Trying to do team-PvP using just pick-up-group is the fastest and most sure way to ruin your enjoyment of the PvP part of the game.

  • VGJusticeVGJustice Member Posts: 640

    On the other hand, Bent....

    A properly equiped PvE character can also play PvP and would even have a (slight) advantage over a PvP Only character. The "advantage" is based around more stuff, say multiple sets of armor and more that 4 sets of weapons. Honestly though, that advantage only really takes effect in high level HoH or GvG matches and would be too stressful for the new to PvP.

    [EDIT] Oh, yeah! And pets. PvP Only characters only get Elder Wolves, so a PvE character with a pet could have a VERY slight advantage that way as well.

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  • DuraheLLDuraheLL Member Posts: 2,951

    Hmm have you missed the PvP arenas? There's one in Ascalon and one in the town north-west of Ascalon. You just talk to the "Arena-Guards". THen you are zoned to a PvP area.

    You should try it once, I did and got stuck for real. It's funnier than you think and addicting.

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  • BentBent Member CommonPosts: 581

    Well my point was if a PvP group asks for a Axe warrior and your PvE
    warrior is sword it is often easier to just make a new char then carry
    an extra set of weapon and armor with the proper runes and such.  Or to
    go against your leaders wish.  Don't say "Well I have axe skills but don't have a good axe," because in 5mins you can remake a PvP-only char and have a good axe.

    Many new PvEers moving on to PvP tend to make a certain char and stick with it.  Fire
    elly lvl 1-20.  If you just tried to PvP as a Fire elly and were
    unwilling to change I doubt you have a very postive PvP experience.  To
    be successful in PvP the first thing you need to do is break your
    attachments to a certain arch-type.

    But overall I'd say 95% of the people in see in PvP are PvP-only chars (Or PvE chars using basic armor/weapons)

    PvE chars do have slight advantages, but they are very very slight... AKA your won't miss them really.  And chances are you didn't care to take advantage of them in PvE.  Facing a Hex heavy enemy team you put on your hex reducing helm?  Did you do that in the PvE part of the game when you entered a hex heavy area?

    That is the kinda advantages we are talking about.  PvP-only chars have whatever you pick for them at creation - you must choose a +energy helm or a -hex helm.  A PvE char can bring both into the battle see how things go and then equip the best choice.

  • FatamorganaFatamorgana Member Posts: 110

    Well i prefer that i have PvE character with multiple armor and weapon choices, and when you have played PvE you some like grow to that character :P


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