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need help

XstaticaXstatica Member Posts: 1
when i go to register an account on kalonline i get all the info it but when i go to put in my birthday it says number only even when i hit numbers

can someone create an account for me or something? i'd appreciate it thxs


  • Burberry25Burberry25 Member Posts: 22
    ya i had the same problem when i was using mozilla, all you have to do is go to the registry thing on internet explorer.
  • yosvanyyosvany Member Posts: 14
    hey can yall help me also when i put my email it wont send it to sbc or hotmail i nv get any thing any one know why plz help me i really wanna play this game
  • Nickster0Nickster0 Member Posts: 4


    The exact problem here. Tried registering on multiple different email addresses. Even made a few new ones.

    No luck.

    I guess it ain't gonna work at all guys.

  • Drag0nBlaz3Drag0nBlaz3 Member Posts: 33
    why does it keep saying "Only letters in English and numbers are possible"? im pretty sure everything i put in is right. 

  • JHarkerJHarker Member Posts: 1

    I had the same problem, always that damn message.

    When I changed the password I wanted to use to one that contained letters AND numbers it let me register fine.

    Hope this helps.

  • VwynVwyn Member Posts: 2

    Same problem too.

    Always "only letters in English & numbers are possible"

    I've used a mix of letters & numbers of my own & I've even attempted to use their own examples, abcd1234 etc.

    Still the same message.

    Has anyone found a way round this yet ?

  • SpikeDXSpikeDX Member Posts: 37
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