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Thinking about trying L2? Watch this video.

damijindamijin Member Posts: 37
Taiyed is Truth - Synergy PvP

This is a video made just a day or two ago by my friend Taiyed. His videos tend to be made in a way that they are enjoyable even if you have never seen the game before, which is why I thought people over here might be interested. Some of the shots, mostly in the intro, are with L2 on high detail. Most of the movie is on lower detail graphics simply for preformance reasons while running fraps.

A good portion of the video is small group on group combat, which is the meat and potatoes of L2. Much of it is ganking, which is also a huge part of the game, and then the last bit is a recent siege which are the massive battles for castle ownership that involve hundreds of players at once. Unfortunately there is not much good footage of the inside of castles, only one brief scene.

Like almost everything in L2, this video is propaganda by my alliance. It features pretty much only fights where we win, however I would say that most of them are good fights where the enemy tried hard yet was defeated. These videos are a huge boost to morale in our alliance as well, and a big part of the game for us.

A few tips for people who have never seen L2:

Two pink fists over a characters name stands for a "two way war", this means that you can kill this player without penalty, likewise for them against you.

One pink fist stands for a "one way war" this means you have declared war on that clan but they have not declared back. You cannot kill them without penalty, and they cannot kill you without penalty either. However, if they kill you, you will only take 1/4th normal exp loss. If you kill them, they will take full exp loss for being cowards who won't declare war back . The only scene in the movie where you will really see this is a scene where we are fighting farmers. Most people declare war back or do not fight at all.

When I say "penalty" I mean going red, which you will see happen a few times in the movie. This happens when you PK another player who does not consent to pvp by "flagging back" (going purple by attacking you). When red you stand a higher chance to drop your equipment on death.

Oh and for ease of identifying who is a friend or enemy:
Superman is friends with spiderman, they are both enemies of batman and the blue squiggly line thing people.


  • GreatnessGreatness Member UncommonPosts: 2,106
    That is a great movie. Nice job !!!


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  • SeanRPSeanRP Member Posts: 106
    Now i can say that 3 websites can now officially watch me get my ass kicked at range >.<
  • damijindamijin Member Posts: 37

    don't tell oda, I think we killed his host with this video.

    maybe I'll rehost it on my shit later...hmmm dunno!

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