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little improvment

BloodgazeBloodgaze Member Posts: 110
i dont know if anyone else would lile this, but i think more animations on the weapons would be nice. like if its a perfect sword, like kanaxais edge, maybe have it glow instead of just haveing the normal sword skin. and on the same topic, more animations on the bow and arrows when using the different types of dmg. just a few thoughts like that make all the new skins better cause youll be able to look at them and know there perfect. :)


  • jeffdakingjeffdaking Member Posts: 7
    is this game even good???
    never played it b4 so ya

  • KorneliusKornelius Member Posts: 54

    Hopefully, this wasn't a GW-WoW poll... ::::02::

    GW- Warrior lvl18 - Monk lvl4

  • Vertex1980Vertex1980 Member Posts: 951

    I played since the first time they let everyone try out the Alpha.  Once the game when gold, I bought it about a week after and put over 1,500 hours in the game.  I beat the PvE with every character, got every skill and max gold.

    After that I joined a few guilds and started to take names.  Then the game just started to become the same ol' same, over and over with the same 5 builds in PvP.  It got old fast.  Then the first free expansion came out and gave me some more hope, but the first day I got SEVEN green items.  SEVEN!  I threw most of them away while other people were selling them for 100,000+ gold.

    So, to make a long story short.  I gave my account away to some random person who e-mailed me first.  Now there's going to be another expansion coming out around the corner and I might just pick that one up.

    See, IWAY pretty much ruined the PvP and everyone just spammed that group all the time.  So yeah, it's a great game if you get yourself into a very organized group that isn't filled with rejects.

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