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have some questions

dargonightdargonight Member Posts: 255
I have been looking at eve online for a while and i had a couple of questions. I used to play a lot of runescape and I currently play Maplestory. The thing I like about those two games is that thay had a lot to do and had a cool style. What I want to know is if eve online has a lot to do or if it has a unique style. I would also like to know if it will be able to keep me playing for a while and that it won't be to easy.


  • NicoliNicoli Member Posts: 1,312
    EVE has 5000+ systems in it. and a non linear skill system that allows you to jump between many roles. EVE has one of the better crafting systems and a brutal pvp system that a new player can jump into really quick though how good you do will depending on how fast you pick up the game.  about half of the  systems are 0.0  security or lawless free for alls that are controled by player allikances with all the fun of intergallactic politics.

    The game does have a time based skill system witha total of 22 years worth of skills if you wish to be perfect in everything though most things you can skill into in a year. And even with these massive skills trained to full if you don't want to take the time and figure out how to properly setup a ship you'll still get killed.

    Overall I'd say Yes to all your questions but you still may not enjoy it, give the trial a try and see if you enjoy it.
  • iCehiCeh Member UncommonPosts: 884

    For me, i think EVE is very unique because i'm able to do whatever i want, and when i want. Sometimes i feel like doing some pirating, and sometimes i don't so i go down 0.0 and get my security status sorted (though i never drop too low). Atm i'm doing some Alliance type stuff, taking over conquerable stations and trying to keep them (obviously i'm not alone ;D).

    There's lots of other things to do, only limited to your imagination. :)


  • UnsivilizedUnsivilized Member Posts: 26

    2 things to stay away from eve if your new

    Low sec systems , unless you have friends to escort and teach you

    Alliance wars: you will hate 1-2 FPS lag fights

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