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Nightfall preview

NadiaNadia Member UncommonPosts: 11,798

writeup (with pictures) from the Games Convention 2006
in Leipzig, Germany


  • Truemode2Truemode2 Member Posts: 46
    If thats Warrior armor am so gonna get it :D i love the helm :D
  • KorneliusKornelius Member Posts: 54

    It looks pretty awesome good ::::01::

    GW- Warrior lvl18 - Monk lvl4

  • hadzhadz Member Posts: 712

    Woohoo! Saveable skill bars/attribute points are coming! (Based on my assumptions on something written by the reviewers in this article)

    "First noticeable difference is the "Skills and Attributes" dialog which combined those two things in one uber huge dialog. In addition there had been the mysterious "Templates" button, which had been existent but grayed out and unusable."

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