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Worth Coming Back To?

LostGraceLostGrace Member Posts: 380

Ok, so I got into (as in intrested) this game about a year before release and started playing in the beta weekends. Once the game was released I got a monk to lvl 17 with max healing prayers and then acidently deleted him. I dont know how I managed to do that, but afterwards I couldnt seem to get back into GW.

But I havent found any games after I quit RFO that looked that good. Archlord looked good but thier playplus system is gay. I redownloaded the game and loged on and made a mesmer. Had some fun. So I though I should ask if this game is worth geting back into.



  • SerlingSerling Member Posts: 662

    I think so. I mean, it's free to play, right? So if you don't feel like playing, you're not out anything if you don't. But it's there when you do. That alone makes it worth the investment.

  • Truemode2Truemode2 Member Posts: 46
    Yes....Gw is worth geting back into..As to Great Storylines great Grapthics Great Game play and no monthly fees.Iv also it has the best and most competive PVP in a Rpg
  • BentBent Member CommonPosts: 581
    It's free... so unless you have something better to do with you time... it has to be worth it.

  • NvarNvar Member Posts: 5
    I think its the best game out there and there is no arguement about it being the best free game out there.
  • rayk3400rayk3400 Member Posts: 59

    Yes its worth geting back into.  If u only got that far in the game u have much, much more to see.

  • HycronzHycronz Member Posts: 20
    i Left too went to play conqueronline i stop playing that but i am thinking about coming bak but they coming out with nightfall pluz i stop playing on christmas when no expansion came out but i am a lvl 20 paladin running skillz thats alot of catching up to do i dont think its worth it do yall ?

    Level 1
    attack 2
    defesnse 1
    agility 1
    Skills unlimited

  • BentBent Member CommonPosts: 581

    You can catch up in in one weekend. - not unlock EVERYTHING but easily catch up.

    Maybe not mentally catch up... But anyone with two days off from work/school could level up a fresh toon and get to the end of the game it in that time.

    It's really up to you.  If you don't come back that just means more bandwidth for the people that do play.  It's not like a Pay 2 play game where if you come back you are paying to help make the game better. 

    In reguards to nightfall I'm not expecting all that much.  If prophecies didn't do it for you I doubt any expansion will suit you better.

    If fact I would suggest if you are ever going to come back just do it now... otherwise you'd like send $50 on nigthfall end up wishing you didn't drop the dough.

  • MastermartzMastermartz Member Posts: 255
    No...once you do all the missions in guild wars and factions theres nothing left to do but PvP and collect items the game needs more content id say wait for the new expansion it may have somthing interestiong coming (i have no clue about it). BUT for a free to play game it is quite amazing.
  • MarkusDMarkusD Member Posts: 64
    While Mesmers are good, actually I think they are awesome, I would be hesitent to recommend you make that your primary toon - that is unless you are more into PvP than PvE. I think Mesmers have gotten better with Factions, but still, and I think this from friend's experience, it is hard to find groups for areas like UW, FoW, Tombs, and such. I'm not saying don't do it, but just be aware that once you complete the game and start looking for things to do (PvE) it won't be the easiest task.

    lol, I would recommend ranger, but I am quite biased :) However monks never have problems finding groups. Anyway, I would certainly add that you should come back to the game. I think GW is awesome, I've called it the golf of the mmo world because often it seems you are competing with yourself to see how 'skilled' you can be.

  • MastermartzMastermartz Member Posts: 255

    Originally posted by Truemode2
    Yes....Gw is worth geting back into..As to Great Storylines great Grapthics Great Game play and no monthly fees.Iv also it has the best and most competive PVP in a Rpg

    That is very true the PvP is most competitive out there. But this game and its PvP gets very boring and repetitive FAST
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