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Insane graphics!

ValiumSummerValiumSummer Member Posts: 1,008

Two years old and this game looks like a "next generation" title.   I really enjoyed playing back during open beta and couple months past that.   I've always been impressed by the jiggling boobs of the female dark elves.  

Can you swim these days or do you still run under water?

Just curious.


  • Synyster777Synyster777 Member Posts: 301
    you can swim  and yes the graphics are lovely I agree


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  • TorakTorak Member Posts: 4,905

    Hey Valium,

    heres what I have to say about L2 vs most other MMO's (CLICKY )

  • xephonicsxephonics Member CommonPosts: 672
    that video rocked lol

    and yes L2 seems to be a really nice game.  I have not been playing ti for too long, but it seems like a very well thought out game

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