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Inside Runescape

PkhBaskoPkhBasko Member UncommonPosts: 59
Hello, how many MMORPG's have you played? Have you played them as long as you played runescape? Sure the graphics are not the best but if your a true MMORPG fan you will look past all that and enjoy like it was meant to be enjoyed.


  • Shrimp10Shrimp10 Member Posts: 275

    I believe I have played around 17 MMORPGs.   Your right about looking past the downsides to see the true game.   True words.

    I'll name them when I find out which ones they were lol.

    Two are RS and WoW though.

    Here they are:

    RS (favorite, still play al the time)

    WoW (fairly good, still play occasionally)

    EVE (still play occasionally)

    PlanetSide (a week and got bored)

    Anarchy Online (Not a bad game...played for a few weeks and got bored)

    Jumpgate (crap MMO, got bored instantly)

    Face of Mankind (not bad, made my PC lag too much)

    MapleStory (wtf...)

    Silkroad (nah, got bored after a few days)

    Guild Wars (I couldn't get into it lol)

    Both Liniege's (meh...)

    City of Villians (not bad, got bored)

    City of Heroes (same with Villains)

    Flyff (still play occasionally)

    Star Wars galaxies (I played this for a while ((before RS)), it's a good game but I got bored eventually)

    Realm Online (nah)

    Seed (crap)

    and Sims Online. (crapp)

    I'm NOT, repeat NOT lying, I have played all of these and picked RS as my favorite.   It was a hard decision, but I stand with it as I believe I chose right.   And NONE of you are going to change anything by simply flaming me for it.

    Best MMOs - RuneScape and WoW
    Crappiest MMOs - Hero Online, SWG, DDO
    MMO's played - RS, WoW, GW, EVE, AO, PlanetSide, Jumpgate, Face of Mankind, MapleStory, SO, Liniege 1 & 2, City of Villains, Flyff, Realm Online, SWG, Seed, Sims Online, City of Heroes.

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