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My friend and I started playing World of Warcraft (WoW) since it came out about 2 years ago (I think). He thinks it is time for a change but I still don't mind WoW. Are there any game out there that have the WoW game style. Like end-game raiding instances, PvP (I really like the honor systemas well (gain honor for doing pvp, then you rank up and that makes you able to purchase more items)). Basically I want to know are there any game out there like WoW? Or if anyone has suggestions for other games as well.

Thanks for any and all help,



  • XaspherousXaspherous Member UncommonPosts: 379

    The game WAR is going to have simular gameplay and graphics as WoW. It is coming out in 2007. If you want, you could just Google "Games Simular World of Warcraft".

  • brutotalbrutotal Member Posts: 276
    Ask yourself which parts of wow you realy like and want to keep them go for them. Wow is unique like all mmo's are but the games almost feed off each other and previous titles. EQ1-2's raiding is more varied and established then wow's supposably. Quite a few games have that click a skill and do X damage or Y effect combat. CoH/CoV EQ, GW and others I haven't listed.

    For pvp many games have rewards but alot of games have packed in risks to that equation.

    Personaly  I think you should stick with wow if your happy with it and just looking for another version of wow that is a novelty because it is new to you so you can explore "new" areas with a friend and learn to play all over again.

    Its hard enough to find a mmo you like and will stick to or fall into the right niche where your having fun, especialy in a raiding game.

    But thats my advice, make up your own mind.

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