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Question bout Upcoming Runescape

PkhBaskoPkhBasko Member UncommonPosts: 59
Has anyone heard bout the the new runescape coming out in 2007 Runescape 3 If so I would really like to hear more bout it. Thank You! 


  • Drag0nDrag0n Member UncommonPosts: 20
    Its a myth.

    v2.1 just came out 3 months ago after over 1 year of planing so a completly new version would take 3 years if they were, which there not, planing.

  • PkhBaskoPkhBasko Member UncommonPosts: 59
    Alright well I guess we will see. Oh nice stats!
  • Shrimp10Shrimp10 Member Posts: 275
    There will be an RS3 one day, but not 2007 lol.   More like 2010+.   One major advantage of an RS3 would be that it would shut up all the nooby RS haters on this forum...

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