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Ryujin84107Ryujin84107 Member Posts: 2
Hello all, I am a new player to Eve Online and was looking to possibly be in a coroporation.  I am thinking of doing my character more towards Engineering.  I am looking for any coroporation who would be willing to let me join their ranks, and also any help or advice y'all can give me. 

In Game
Character: Morghania


  • belonnabelonna Member Posts: 67
    hey mate im a recruiter for MMC and we are a mining and production corp so you would be a great contribution to our ranks We are an 0.0 mining corp and we also have mining operationa in empire space as well we are currently engaged in two wars but we will get you around that fairly easily (kinda wierd seeing the safest place for us right now is in low sec) but we have excelent defences for our people as well so you wont be defending ur own by ourself we are 100+ peeps with alot of freindly corps around us.

    so if you are interested or have some more questions then just either post in here or contact me in game my two names are: Belonna

    if they are not in then contact one of the following and just explain how you have come to find them

    stormjw/mrs storm

    ay of these three people or thier alts will be glad to help you

    Live, Breath, Cause. HaVoK

  • Zorac12Zorac12 Member Posts: 2


    I am interested in learning more about your corp.  I am fairly new with 2.1 mill skill points and I have 2 friends that are the same lvl.  We are a fun little grp of ppl and we are looking to be in a corp where we can be included in ops and where we all help each other.  Please send me an in game mail or reply to this post.

    thank you,


  • Stumpy26Stumpy26 Member Posts: 189
    /me (mmc member) waves hello to belona
  • belonnabelonna Member Posts: 67

    hey mate im sorry i would eve mail you but we have this god damn down time in the way well MMC is always looking into bringing in new ppl everyone helps ill have to talk to you in game and explain everything but i now have a few pilots a bit lower than you and higher than you that i am currently training in the arts of war and 0.0 so ill welcome you ionto that group making it a fairly good little group fit for kining and war if you have to (fighting is not compulsery we have counter measures for the protection of ppl who dont want to fight) i am currently mining out in 0.0 for this small group so you shouldnt be too short on money we have been supporting eachother fairly well not having to drain on the corp.

    so ill contacxt you asap and we can talk ingame private chat me if im on and havent contacted you i hagve a really bad memory (im doing skills for that but may have to look into inplants :P).


    P.S Stumpy mate you may be MMC but stumpy isnt a good give away who r u??? lol

    Live, Breath, Cause. HaVoK

  • Stumpy26Stumpy26 Member Posts: 189

    its sinder sorry I thaught you knew my nic

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