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Question about free 15 day trial for former users.

Sir-SvenSir-Sven Member Posts: 773
Does anyone know how to play? I can't put my account name and password in- anyways this is why I quit games like this because their base is unstable. How can a game survive like that with such an unstable base? Argh, i'm just angry.

Sir Sven



  • ViolentYViolentY Member Posts: 1,458

    When I found out they were reactivating everyone's accounts for a short time, I thought I might as well try it out to see my chars again. Took just a few minutes to install, logged on, saw my chars. The lag is actually a bit better, and there's a new, better looking, actual-moving sky now.

    I don't know what your problem is, I just logged in and it worked. Are you sure you're typing in your right information?


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  • Macgyver2484Macgyver2484 Member Posts: 11
    Although the sky does now move, I don't see much improvement in where it needed it most....the lag. They have quite a bit more work to do. By the time they get there the game will be obsolete. I was playing yesterday and the game froze up for a few seconds and then logged me off. After logging back on a few minutes later, I was back in town because I dyed.  That annoyance is what makes people quit along with the other server problems. Oh? Did I mention your paying for this server stability. Great work, Ubisoft.
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