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Convince me please

SquittySquitty Member Posts: 342
I know there are always tons of posts like this one, but I would appriciate any info you guys tell me.

I want to like this gam, I really do.  I love PvP, and this game seems to offer quite a bit.

I just can't get over the fact that you can spam potions. To me that kind of makes PvP a battle of who can hold the most potions, and not actually who is better. Can you guys please prove me wrong, because I would love a game that has fun PvP combat.


  • s0ulls0ull Member Posts: 186
    If that was the case with pot spamming then no one would play this game at all, considering on average I carry anywhere between 100-500 pots at a time it would take days to kill me....

    Its just a case of if the character your fighting is using 2k healing pots you gotta do more damage than that to kill the player.

    The PvP in this game is kinda weird and having people explain it to you can't really sell it the best way is to try it yourself look around there still are some sites which give away trial keys.

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