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Ranger video plus

TorakTorak Member Posts: 4,905

Hi all,

dudeman has a bunch of videos posted,

I liked the look of the ranger "scenerio" It has a very nice flight scene.

One thing I am wondering, it "looks" heavily instanced....each of the videos for most of the classes look very similar. Is it a common starting area or is it an instanced?

Damn, I wish they would put out some info on this game

Also, does anyone know if Zera is going to release in english or have they abandon the U.S. market also? 


  • albinofreakalbinofreak Member Posts: 449
    It does look heavily instanced, but it is possible that they have only released videos of instanced areas because these are perhaps the more exciting areas. But yeah, they need to release more info on the game sometime soon.
  • Dudeman7475Dudeman7475 Member Posts: 78
    o.O props to me 
    Make sure you check out
    thats where all of my videos go first, and it always take like a few days for them to even show up on youtube.


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