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Level 22 = Game Over.....Wrath.

axyrnaxyrn Member Posts: 55

i ended up with 4 L22 toons, No guild Talk ever just Global Trash talk, I found completly empty Player cities.

At L22 i got kicked from the N00b island and found nothing to do. i asked around for help i asked what to do now.

Nothing to hunt nothing to do........

btw this game is bugged like nothing else, MOBs warp and teleport around. You get strange crashes like SB.EXE Violation bla bla bla..

When my PET was dieing the pet control window didnt update, when i pressed a button i crashed..

To bad, this game could have been a good game, now only a few sick PvP freaks run around there.

The player cities are all empty.

Sea dogs rest shows 3k people and 15-20 are there and never talking.

To sad !


  • -Zeno--Zeno- Member CommonPosts: 1,298
    Did you even try the offical forums?  or even the /who list?  I see 10 people right now recruiting on Vindication.  Global chat is just like barrens chat in World of Warcraft, a useless feature, the only thing is, its adults instead of kids bashing each other.

    The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

  • NaturallyNaturally Member Posts: 28

    I am sorry you had to try Shadowbane so late, for old-timers we just power level ourselves to 60 or 70 in a day.  Shadowbane is full of bugs yes, but if you read any of the recent announcements they are refocusing on fixing bugs and balancing classes.  Priest classes have it so much harder to level alone for example..  But for a new player I can see it being hard to find the right areas to level and not knowing what to do, which in other posts is why I and many others have states Shadowbane is not a noob friend game.

    All in all theres no need to take cheap shots at a game that was incredibly close to going under, not to mention its age.  New people will have it very rough at this stage of the game to find a lot of action and find the game easy to work with.  Shadowbane isnt WoW... It doesnt spoon feed you every second your playing the game as to what to do step by step.

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  • strusstrus Member Posts: 23
    It sure is a bit hard for first timers, I'm getting nailed by that right now.  I hate all of my builds =/

  • SuitepeeSuitepee Member Posts: 921

    Wrath? You referring to the server name?

    If so,you're on the WRONG server. Mourning is currently the most active server of the bunch (to my knowledge),as several servers were apparently killed off or extremely lessened in number by the so-called 'HoD' or 'Asian zerg' nation invasion. Or other reasons.

    Otherwise,it helps to look up the relevant templates for the character you choose. I know on my ranger template that some of the skills we get are currently 'bugged' and advise is not to choose them.

    A July patch is due so I would think that more care is being taken into this game after what would have been a 'predicted death' for other MMO's. (went F2P,Ubisoft took over,but seems some people still like SB)

    And yes,it's hard for first timers but I have nailed my ranger build dead-on.  I have problems getting groups to level up with,but I will endure as I probably need to find a guild or something. Lot of established guilds,etc etc.

  • -Zeno--Zeno- Member CommonPosts: 1,298

    Mourning is also where the old duped gold, FC items, etc is, since everyone can migrate everything from the old dead servers.  I used to have a few hundred millon myself on mourning.

    Vindication is the newest server, and also has a Lore ruleset that follows Meridians indepth lore, to an extent.  Noone can migrate to Vindication either, so you must start out fresh.

    The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

  • Jerek_Jerek_ Member Posts: 409

    1) Braillia's population and activity levels are well up there ( not that I recommend it for any but craziest of newbies).  If you are new and play here, expect to be taunted, harassed, and killed many times over before you find a guild.  The upside is, you are fighting the best in game from the start... well i consider that an advantage.

    2) don't play redemtition or wrath, dead servers.

    3) mourning has great population and several newbie friendly guilds.  The downside is that it is dominated by one large guild of very experienced veterans, who for reasons I don't know decided to stay on mourning instead of going to Braillia and fighting guilds of their calibur.

    4) Vindication. A special ruleset sever, it is the only one that enforces the shadowbane lore in gameplay.  It's population is lower than either mourning's or briallia's, but it has by far the most quality guilds accepting new players.  This server is the best for a new player to the game in my opinion, because it allows you to play with veterans and see how things are done, while being in a small enough guild that you actually get attention and help on a personal level, instead of being a small part of a huge group.  If you choose this server as a new player, find a guild BEFORE you make your character, since guilds are forced to guild only certain classes and races.

  • holycannoliholycannoli Member Posts: 236

    Hmm I read today that Redemption is the 2nd most populated server? How is it dead? 

    I rolled a character on Vindication. I doubt I'll find a guild though since I'm brand new to this game. I have a level 20 elf channeler who just joined qibbura, and now has nothing to do. I gotta hope that a guild takes a chance on a new player. I figured I'm not gonna find a guild before making a character, since I'm brand spanking new. So I'll just make a character instead, put my name and info out there for guilds to see, and any that can accept an elf channeler can let me know.

  • logangregorlogangregor Member Posts: 1,524

    what is this Dominating guild you speak of?




  • christianc87christianc87 Member Posts: 33

    Originally posted by logangregor

    what is this Dominating guild you speak of?



  • SuitepeeSuitepee Member Posts: 921

    Originally posted by logangregor

    what is this Dominating guild you speak of?

    It's apparently QFT,with perhaps FTP in second or something. Having said that,QFT appear to have some 'SB moderator' allies on their side, and so are convicted of using 'modspowers' and 'PvP exploits'. Whether these are true or not,find for yourself.

    On an interesting side-note,Unknewn of QFT has posted in the Darkfall forums. (alongside other SB guilds) Me thinks they'll be jumping ship upon DF's beta release. Might make the NW corner of Mourning map more interesting.

  • IIRLIIRL Member Posts: 876
    I play a bard in the making on Vindication, looking for a nice guild, I'm an Irekei.


    <3 "<Claus|Dev> i r pk"


  • danmccooeydanmccooey Member Posts: 30

    You realize the original poster hasn't been back to this forum?  This is really common with all of the SB haters around here.  They give it a day or two, find a few things difficult, come here to blast it and call the game stupid, then leave.  First off, don't come HERE looking for help... big surprise but maybe you should go to the OFFICIAL SHADOWBANE FORUMS.  Just a crazy suggestion.  There are TONS of people on the boards falling over themselves to help noobs understand absolutely ANYTHING they have questions on.  Hell, on my server, I'll give the noob a sizeable cash and equipment donation because I know it's rough sometimes getting started.  Don't spend 1 day lvling, get frustrated and leave.  And do us all a favor, if that's the extent of your playing time in SB keep your lame ass comments to yourselves.

    Cools out.

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