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What to expect in the expansion?

scars87scars87 Member Posts: 234
Do any of you guys know info about the new expo for eve? I was thinking of activating my account to get my skills up for it. Any new ships?



  • skawnskawn Member Posts: 30

    Tier three (not tech 3) battleships and teir 2 battlecruisers for each race are coming in (iirc) September.

    New skill lines for slavaging stuff from destroyed ships to enable modding ships, boosters (like drugs) that improve combat skills and eventually factional warefare are all in planning too amongst a variety of other stuff - the next 6 months will be interesting indeed :)

    Some concept art for the new ships can be found here;


  • Stumpy26Stumpy26 Member Posts: 189

    I read a bit last night about the new battleships there will be 4 new bs coming out (1 for each race) all of which are gunnery platforms there are no missile bs (i also read thier description they wont do alot more dmg than the present bs but they would have a stronger tank.  There will also be a new BC for each race but unfortunately i have no info on that sofar

    hope that helped

  • UgottawantitUgottawantit Member Posts: 146
    I don't know how long you have been away, but there are already a bunch of new ships that were added this year, ie: dreadnaughts, titans, plus many others.  They also added a ton of new skills, so read up before training and decide what it is you want to specialize in. CCP is making nerly impossilbe to be a jack of all trades.
  • AzirophosAzirophos Member Posts: 447

    Originally posted by Ugottawantit
    I don't know how long you have been away, but there are already a bunch of new ships that were added this year, ie: dreadnaughts, titans, plus many others. They also added a ton of new skills, so read up before training and decide what it is you want to specialize in. CCP is making nerly impossilbe to be a jack of all trades.

    Dreadnoughts are in game since Exodus, so for over a year now. The last big addition in ships was in December '05, with RMR. But you are right, specialization is important, since it is completely impossible to learn the skilsl for all ships in any reasonable amount of time.

    Originally posted by Mandolin

    Designers need to move away from the old D&D level-based model which was never designed for player vs player combat in the first place.

  • OculitusOculitus Member Posts: 203
    In addition to new ships there's supposed to be factional warfare (PvP).  Not sure exactly  as to what this will entail exactly.  The info on the specfics might have been released and I missed it, if so hopefully someone will post a link. 
    But if I had to guess I'd say that you align yourself with a NPC faction and killing players from the opposing faction(s) will earn you rewards and greater standing.

    Regardless of the form it takes, new aspects of gameplay is always welcome.

  • scars87scars87 Member Posts: 234
    thanks for the pictures! I cant wait to fly that caldri bc


  • squeeesqueee Member Posts: 722

    I hope this ship makes up for 2 years of gimped apoc. 
  • dakilla666dakilla666 Member UncommonPosts: 306

    The new tier of ships being added are hands down going to be the biggest damage dealers on the battlefield when they get there.

    The Amarr ship is an 8 turret ship with a 5% per level rate of fire bonus and a 5% to all armor resistances per level ; combination of it's 2 little brothers. Can either out damage an armageddon with the extra turret and higher power grid output or outtank an apoc due to it's nice armor bonus.

    The Caldari are receiving a 10% per level optimal range bonus and 5% damage bonus in combination with 8 turret slots which will make anyone with 425mm Railgun II's very happy.

    The Gallente are getting a ship with a microwarp drive and gun damage bonus as well as a modified capacitor to favor pilots to use MWD's in combat. They also get 8 turret slots but to make sure it dosen't replace megathrons in all fleet situations, they are pre-nerfing the sensors on the ships to make sure lock-range is an issue with them.

    The Minmatar are receiving a ship with 8 turret slots as well (original, n'est-ce pas ?) a 5% damage bonus and a 7.5% to shield boost effectiveness per level. Pretty much hands down, it WILL be the best tanking ship in the game when combined with faction and T2 hardeners/boosters/amps.

    The battlecruisers being added are in the same format, as in, they are meant to be brutal damage boats on the field but not necessarily be unbeatable.

    The biggest thing for anyone in alliances that is coming with Kali is the part about "constellation sovereignty". According to CCP, alliances who maintain control of "x" number of stations and outposts within the same constellation will be able to erect deployable starbase defenses (turrets) at stargates and stations as well as being able to disable access to certain parts of the constellation. There was also something about being able to use the "warp to" command to ANYONE inside of your soverign constellation, which means if hostiles come into your home and safespot, you can warp right to them ... removing alot of frustation of people actualy trying to defend their space.

    These last parts have all been heavily debated and contested but they might make their way into the game over the next several months in different forms. Most of this information comes from debates and information released through developper's blogs and interaction with members of the staff but as CCP has demonstrated many times, their minds are never fully set until they appear on the server so, to the exception of the new ships, can't really tell what will actualy be included in the next patch.

    P.S. : Amarr Tier 3 is called the Abaddon or "Angel of Death" which just sounds plain cool. Add the fact that it is the only battleship from our race that is actualy getting two bonuses, it should be quite a best (and no ; less cap usage/level isn't a bonus when your guns STILL take more cap than any other type even with ship skill at level 5 tyvm >_>).

    Dakilla[666] ~ The Realm ~ Level 1000 enchanter (retired)
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  • MinscMinsc Member UncommonPosts: 1,345

    Originally posted by ListOpen

    keep watching

    Your sig is stretching the forum, is there any particular reason it needs to be that wide?
  • scars87scars87 Member Posts: 234
    Graphics are going to get beter 

    that video trailer rocks!


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