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runescape updates

basaltbasalt Member Posts: 84

have any other peeps here heard and seen the new runescape updates?

there is a new skill (for members only tho) called construction.

it means that they can buy plots of land in the world and build there own houses with rooms and eveything

sounds good

i wish i had a rabbit


  • basaltbasalt Member Posts: 84

    i wish i had a rabbit

  • TeaKettleJTeaKettleJ Member UncommonPosts: 9
    Looks really good. Haven't played it in a while but am starting to get back into it. I need to get members again.
  • ownth3c0wownth3c0w Member Posts: 33
    when I used to play Runescape, about 1 year ago, there were lots of rumours about the next update being "carpentry" (you called it construction.) The update turned out to be Farming (a big disappointment to me), and so I kept waiting for "carpentry." It never came.

    Back in RSC there was talk about owning your own house. Maybe it is finally coming true. I will buy my members back for one month just to check it out.

  • basaltbasalt Member Posts: 84

    it is definetly true, no maybe about it

    memberss can officially build houses, they buy a plot of land, build there house and create up 2 20 rooms, with special features like dungeons staircases, boxing rings etc. all of these must be paid for so the construction game is expensive.

    also, the skill has been around for a week and peeps alredy have 99 in the skill, considering it took me a month 2 get 64 mining, it is suspicious how they got the levels up quite so quickly.

    as far as i no, it has always been construction and never carpenetry altho i never played runescape til 1 year ago so u may be right

    i wish i had a rabbit

  • TankerFtwTankerFtw Member Posts: 15
    Hmm looks cool...i used to play runescape. i was an f2p player...but construction looks fun definetly better than the farmin skill

    n00b 4 LyFe

  • basaltbasalt Member Posts: 84

    definetly better than farming

    farming is *yawn*, who would wanna go on a game and start farming???????

    i wish i had a rabbit

  • HalcaneHalcane Member UncommonPosts: 38
    i heard there was going to be a runescape 3 made but this is just talk a read somewhere i'll post a link is i find it

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  • cartoonboycartoonboy Member Posts: 11
    Yes, there is a new skill called construction. It's my favorite skill
  • KongmingKongming Member Posts: 8

    runescape is no good IMO

  • thedemon6661thedemon6661 Member Posts: 48
    it is out and it is caled constructionyou can build your house and invite people have great parties and all sorts, ex-runescape player willl love this update it has been expected for years

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  • Snakester95Snakester95 Member UncommonPosts: 47
    Yeah I heard about that construction skill thing. My friend came over and he's a member, and he was telling me about it. It seemed pretty cool.

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  • samuribladesamuriblade Member Posts: 30

    God damn! contruction is old... it came out 30th or the 31st of may!

    and it is expensive

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