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Anyone Pre-order yet ?

I normally never pre-order a game but I had to with this one. I dont trust Turbine entirely but walking around in Middle Earth is something I've dreamed up for several decades.

The only other time I ever pre-ordered was so I could get automatic beta access and that didnt work out too well (Matrix). 


  • PyscoJuggaloPyscoJuggalo Member UncommonPosts: 1,114

    No, Pre-Orders are a bad Idea (learned that from DnL).

    I'm going to give this game 6 months before I decide to buy it because I believe most MMORPG's based upon famous IP's will just be developed half-assed and on the cheap (in order to make money off fans who would play it no matter what, learned that from SWG).

    Hope it works out though.

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  • rp2006rp2006 Member Posts: 84

    Beta havent even started yet, and I dont preorder any game based on the faith I have for it.

    After we see some coments from players that actually are playing or testing the game, then I will think about pre-order

  • FarnikFarnik Member Posts: 35
    Even though I worship this game, I will not pre-order it. Why? Because they want your money. They put up fake releace dates (occording to them, the game was releaced this May...), and other junk. I will not pre-order until the releace date comes from the mouths of the almighty devs. 

  • grapegrape Member Posts: 191
    With the wild success of D&D Online, I'll wait for the free trial first Thank you.

  • SturmfelsSturmfels Member Posts: 2

    I think i will wait to see it up and running.

    Last time i Preordered a game was DnL and i think

    all know what happened!

    Barûk Khazâd, Khazâd Ai Mênu

  • BensterBenster Member UncommonPosts: 9
    I can only be coaxed into pre-ordering with the promise of a beta slot, cool looking but useless pet bat and a bronze medallion with Aragorn's bust on it. Actually, once I'm sure the game will be released and there are some decent reports from beta testers... I'll be pre-ordering with the overnight shipping option.
  • bjornieusbjornieus Member Posts: 34
    Na i never pre order a game unless I played in beta or I get a feel from other people if the game is worth buying!
  • ChaoticaChaotica Member UncommonPosts: 93

    I pre-ordered Star Wars: Galaxies. UGh! It was a fairly good game at the start. But they butchered it very quickly and I felt like I was majorly ripped off. It wasn't cheap either... Grrr.... still makes me angry when I think about it...

    For LotRO though.... I might still consider a Pre-Order. I'm still not decided yet.

    A Voice From Within

  • CharnelHouseCharnelHouse Member Posts: 8
    Considering there is no official pre-order yet, and gamestop doesn't even have the right Developer listed (they show Midway) I will wait until Turbine announces a pre-order before considering it.


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