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its Online

othenothen Member Posts: 2

Nexon bought nine dragons game (open 1st august :)

someone know if will be F2P or P2P??? (i cant read korean at all)


  • AkikiAkiki Member Posts: 95
    What do you mean they bought it?
  • othenothen Member Posts: 2
    i think nexon bought the rights to nine dragons, if im wrong, i apologize.
    anyway... it doesnt matter, the important thing is... can we play it 4free?

  • AkikiAkiki Member Posts: 95

    Yes, it will be free to play (the US and European versions will be, anyway)

  • ClomnerClomner Member Posts: 9

    When will the release be for the US and Europe be? Any ideas yet, or is it just still the general Q4 2006?

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  • AkikiAkiki Member Posts: 95
    They have said beta will begin in october/november (you can sign up for beta on their site).
  • KaphKaph Member Posts: 22

    the sign up has been open for a while i think

    Although over used, Ignorance truly is bliss

  • KaphKaph Member Posts: 22

    XD wonder how well it will be if its F2P? still looks amazing though

    Although over used, Ignorance truly is bliss

  • PrinceKalePrinceKale Member Posts: 14
    The License or "CopyRight" most of Asian MMORPGS are developed by the Korean, anyways the site said they will choose those whom over age (Adult) for their Close-beta test, they will email you if you have alreadt registered on their site.
  • junkroomjunkroom Member Posts: 82
    Nexon bought the rights for Korean version of ninedragons and made it free to play with cash item shop. Before the korean version is only free to play 2 hrs per day (that's what i heard).

    Acclaims has the rights for the American version and Persistent Worlds has the rights for European version.
    I don't know who owns the Vietnamese version.

    I've read some where that Acclaims will make it F2P but haven't stated how they going to get revenue, so don't know if it'll be in-game advertisement (like Bots) or cash item shop or some other type....

    For your info, Korean and Vietnamese versions of 9dragons are up and running. I do not understand those languages so I did not try to register/play the game.
  •  viet one will be closed soon. to repair. so i'm not sure if u can register or not.but my char is gonna get deleted.
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