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Will it? or Won't it?



  • ZaceZace Member Posts: 77

    Well i'm lucky enough to have been playing MMorpgs for the pst 7 years or so.  Ive seen good and BAD, Ive tested most of them out there and sure, a few were released early - SWG and Hz come to mind...  but most people were amazed at how well WoW has taken off, and yet how must R is there in the MMORPGs of today?  NOT a lot.  We saw role playing back inthe days of Ultima Online, then came the PKing then PGanking...

    Of the current crop this one has to be looking very good indeed.  I like the newsletters and info trickle, also the fact that I see posts from developers all over that show me we have people who take notice and listen, and yet are still able to stick to their guns.  I would LOVE to get my hands on this one ASAP.

    Good Luck TCoS.

  • sly220sly220 Member UncommonPosts: 606

    i like the concepts for this game. however im woundering how well it will do in the US ive been talking with alot of my friends that are hardcore gamers and they hadnt heard of it needless to say im gonna get it but i cant seem to find a store that will carry the game ive checked with gamespot,walmart, and EB games none of them even know of the game its not on a list for upcomming games  so wounder wiil it even be out in the US


  • sly220sly220 Member UncommonPosts: 606

    Originally posted by Morneblade

    Originally posted by Drenion
    Only thing i dont really like is that monsters dont give exp when u kill them.
    This is actually a good thing.

    actually this game will give mob xp if you go to the No XP forum chat Freeze put a link


  • LandSharkXLandSharkX Member Posts: 5

    This game seems to have pretty good potential from what I've seen in the past year.

    The Community seems to be pretty good compared to others i've been involved with pre-release.  Specially for a game with little media hype

    The Dev's seem to actually listening to feedback and making some changes during their long closed beta.  Alot of the interviews/chats make it sound like it's in good developemetal hands.

    It's pretty uniuque and sounds like it's built for future plans as well

    Even if it's minimal and not 'mainstream gold' (wich i hope it wont be), I'd wager it's pretty much a garunteed success if it releases

  • NaazirNaazir Member Posts: 90
    I look at it this way, game developers want as many people interested in their game as possible naturally. They go all out describing their games so people can use their imagination to visualize what the game will be like. I'd imagine people into MMO's have a pretty vivid imagination. So we get all these cool thoughts and ideas about a game in development before we even get to try it. We see screenshots and sometimes some video of a game to further enhance our imagination of the game.

    Then the game comes out. We instantly love it because it looks just like and better than we expected! (Obviously since we had those screenshots and movies to watch) Now we get to actually roam around the game, create different characters, interact with mobs and NPC's.

    Then we start to experience bugs and crashes and the game becomes tedious and annoying.  We complain and cry and all that. Sometimes outloud, sometimes to ourselves.

    A few months pass, initial bugs are fixed, the game plays better, there's more people online to interact with and we're back to loving the game. This time though, it lasts.

    Personally, I think this one will eventually live up to the hype. As with all games I've played they go through the initial bug stage, no biggie. I call released version final beta anyway. I like to think I can at least help a little even if I don't make it into beta. After a few months when the people who were "waiting to see" about Spellborn jump onboard I think this game'll start kicking ass!


  • sly220sly220 Member UncommonPosts: 606
    Great point


  • Seren2399Seren2399 Member Posts: 12
    This game is going to be awesome!  Go join their website and read their forums.  There is a ton of info there.  The community is definitly better and more mature than any other mmo I've seen.  The uniqueness and ingenuity is very refreshing.  Definitly going to be fun with such a different type of mmo.  This is exactly what we need right now for the people sick of the item-based, button-mashing, types out there now!

  • DominuzDominuz Member Posts: 38

    Even though this game wont even get close to WOW player base it will still be  a better game I think,thats what I care about. Have been watching the screenies movies etc so many times now:PRead the scrolls etc. The waiting is soon over for though! I hope.Among all the MMOs that are out or coming this seems like the most refreshing one, without the lock target system etc.

    Im still waiting for some info about raiding, how or if it will work/exist. Played wow for a long time and been waiting for a game where I don't have be online every night at a set time to raid a boss that already been killed a few milion times.

    I wanna play for fun with my friends, I hope this is possible in tcos.

  • ZiphenZiphen Member Posts: 12

    I think this game is going to be just fine, although I did notice that in one of the vids I was watching that the movement of the characters looked somewhat jerky.. Not laggy, just...jerky. Not quite as smooth as I would like!


    Maybe it is just the quality of the video!

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