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Meth's 7 o'clock gaming news!! (Common Sense Wins in MN)

methane47methane47 Member CommonPosts: 3,701

Federal judge throws out Minnesota's video game law  link-->> CLICKME

federal judge on Monday threw out a pending state law that would have
fined minors for obtaining adult-only video games, saying it was

Common Sense wins again folks.

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  • Malachi1975Malachi1975 Member Posts: 1,079

    You lied to me! It's only 4:17pm PST! It's not 7! I am reporting you for lying about the time!

    On a serious note, however. What a retarded law in the first place. I tell you, every year it seems like one more rule/law/mandate/precept that takes the blame away from the parents. Fining the kids for renting the games? Did I actually hear IQs take a sharp fall with that one? I did! Fine the companies renting them to the kids, sure. Just like it was SUPPOSED to be if a theater sold tickets to a child for an R rated film (not that it was ever enforced).

    Of course, in the times of things like Gamefly there's not always a "retailed" involved to monitor the kids. So, that means it's the PARENTS responsibility. Sheesh. It never ceases to amaze me that someone always want to point the blame at an outside source for the downfall of youth today instead of stopping and REALLY examining the life INSIDE the home. Yeah, I remember when I started playing Pacman I used to gobble up super pills and munch on ghosts all night long. So influential those video games...

    /end of rant

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