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Ship Speed, must...go...faster

LummoxLummox Member Posts: 32

Been playing for about 10 days now and getting slightly bigger and slower ships.  Painfully slow.  My destroyer is like 200m/s.  My Iteron is like 100m/s. (yes getting new ships at some point) Getting to the stargate or into docking range is driving me insane.


I did some research on how to speed up the ship and I only came up with a few things.


Navigation adds 5% per skill level.

Equipment, injectors, but typically only adds 20m/s to 30m/s

Afterburners, help a lot but still would like more.


I did find a microwarp drive, is that viable to reducing the travel time to a staction docking perimeter and stargate?


Any other suggestions?


  • StonedogStonedog Member UncommonPosts: 32
    micreowarp will give you much more speed than an afterburner, but makes you easier to hit

  • mindspatmindspat Member Posts: 1,367

    Which destroyer are you using?  I swear by the Coercer!!

    I prefer an Afterburner II for speed.  there's also passive speed modules, overdrivers?, that will increase your base speed.  Combine these with an Afterburner II or Microwarp drive and you'll be moving much quicker.

    Be warned the MWD wil also greatly increase your ships signature rating which is like a foot print of sorts and acts as the size of the bulls eye painted on your ship.   Thus a frigate with an active MWD would be about as easy, if not easier, to hit as a cruiser which did not have an MWD active.

    My Coercer moves something like 530m/s +  while using the Afterburner II

    Also, if you find your self traveling the same systems, back & forth, you should create bookmarks (bm's) to speed your travel up.  For example:  you're at gate A, warp to gate B and fly about 3500m directly past it when coming out of warp and creat a bookmak, warp back to gate A and repeat process, now rightclick in space and select your BM for gate and it should place you right on top of it. 

    [b]Using BM's are essential!!  20 jumps without BM's can take close to an hour, with BM's it's about 15 minutes!![/b]

  • RollinDutchRollinDutch Member Posts: 550
    You wont be able to fit a MWD on an indy (unless you train for an I5 or one of the transport ships).

    However, your destroyer will pull around 1300 m/s with a low-skill MWD and no other speed mods. Train Navigation and Acceleration control to greatly improve that.

  • fizzle322fizzle322 Member Posts: 723
    Well the first thing to ask yourself is, why do you need to do so much travelling?

    Get a second account, specialize him as your hauler, put all your stuff in the hauler. When you pick a new HQ, set your hauler alt on autopilot via the safest path, while your main drives there with MWD/Instas.

    Even going halfway across the galaxy, only takes like 5 seconds to reach the gate with MWD, so lets say 30 seconds per jump, 20 jumps, 10 minutes travel time.

    Like I said, what is causing you to do so much travelling?

    Is it worth it to make 20 jumps to buy a ship, when you can buy it 2 jumps away for 500k more?

    Usually a corp or alliance operates in a small area of 2-3 sectors, they own that area, do all their PVP, mining, ratting everything in that area.

    If you need a ship you don't go to bumfuck egypt to buy, you ask your corp to make for you.

    If your corp cant make it, find out which ships your corp builders can build, and use those. Like if they can't make Ravens, maybe they can make a battlecruiser, if so drive a BC.

  • LordSlaterLordSlater Member Posts: 2,087
    One word Nanofibres.


  • Rod_BRod_B Member Posts: 203

    Firstly, minimise your travel by choosing the most ideal base station/system.

    Secondly, make/get instajump bookmarks for your main routes and surrounding systems.

    Thirdly, fit that mwd for travelling, and fit an afterburner when combining travel with combat. However, if your instajumps are good, you'll need no further speed enhancement.

    Instajumps are bookmarks made at locations chosen so that you will come out of warp exactly on top of a gate or within dock range of a station. They are purchaseable for decent fees, or can be made by warping to an object and making a bookmark about 8-10km in a direct line BEHIND it (direct line from wherever you want to be using the bookmark as instajump).

    And example:

    XX-123Gate|------------------------------------- warp -------------------|YY-456gate|----10km---|bookmark|

    Name the bookmark something like "XX-123 to YY-456" and you just warp to it at 15km everytime you go from system XX-123 to YY-456.

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