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If you need Customers why make it this fustrating

madjakemadjake Member UncommonPosts: 233

That doesn't sound like a fun experience, I hope it isn't the norm. I downloaded the offline demo and was quite impressed myself but I haven't tried it online yet. The one problem I have is with your post title "Didnt even play the game and I can tell it sucks". Saying the game sucks because the installation and setup is a far reach from any fair judgement. Personally I don't like to bag on a game until I try it because the fact stands that not every game is for every person. I still understand where you're coming from though, installation and setup can be frustrating and really leave a bad start to enjoying a new game. Good luck if you try it again.


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  • NidhoggNidhogg Member Posts: 36

    I'm sorry to hear that you had such a disappointing experience with your 10-day free trial and subsequent installation.  I'm not sure what happened with regards to the trial period but I can assure you that Reakktor do offer the full 10 days as advertised.  If you want to email me your account name I will try and find out what happened (  One thing that has happened in the past is people starting their trial and then spending a few days actually downloading the software - the trial starts after the account has been created and not when the game is first run.  The answer here is to simply cancel the original trial account and start a new one once you have the software fully installed. ;)

    We recognise that installation could be easier and are working hard to rectify that in time for the upcoming Dome of York expansion (  In the meantime can I point you to the new launcher tool( which does not suffer from some of the issues you described.

    Also, in mitigation, I'd like to add that Neocron has been evolving constantly since its release, even since its download release, and this inevitably leads to downloads and patching (the launcher gets patched a number of times during this process, hence your having to restart it on a couple of occasions during the patching process).  This is more a reflection of the ongoing commitment of the developers to providing you a dynamic experience than anything else.

    I hope that you will give Neocron another try and I look forward to seeing you on our forums at where you will find a community that is especially generous to newcomers. :)  Don't hesitate to drop me a mail at the above address if you have any further questions or wish to query your trial period.

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  • NidhoggNidhogg Member Posts: 36
    Alphamalebsr, I've checked with our accounts people and they have informed me that the agreement start date is simply WorldPay's start of your trial (there's a buffer in there to cope with a possible delay at WorldPay's side).  Therefore you would not have been billed on the 6th, it would have happened sometime between the 14th and 16th.  I hope this eases your mind but if you have any more questions please feel free to drop a mail to and they will be happy to explain the process in more detail.



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