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just wanted to share how unbelievably happy and relieved I am that there will be teleport capabilities in uxo.  saves time, stress and a whole boatload of unnecessary chat....woot!



  • YordoYordo Member Posts: 831
    I actually am against this feature....There's a whole post on this already if you didn't know by the way.  It takes some of the exploring features out.  I find it dumb if you just click once and appear where you want to go.  Not really sounding like a good MMO feature to me...Not saying that I don't like UXO, though, I was just dissapointed when I learned about moongates being everywhere.

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  • TaskyZZTaskyZZ Member Posts: 1,476

    I agree.

    I remember my first run from Qeynos to Freeport in EQ.  Getting through HighPass Hold (is that what it was called?) was a lot of fun.  And then that dark forest zone full of undead right after that.  It was exciting.

    But, with Monngates, most people won't be experiencing that.  Hopefully, that will also allow true adventurers to find out of the way places to adventure where most others do not go.


  • ZoharZohar Member Posts: 673

    It's iffy for me. I am 85% for, 15% against. Although exploring can be fun, I would much rather have the convience of teleporting. After you explore an area once after spending a long time running from point A to Point B, do you really want to run there again? I think that's part of the reason the Plane of Knowledge was implimented in Everquest. Players like me found it quite handy image. Remember, from what I understand in UXO: You don't have to use the moongates. If you'd rather explore and take a more dangerous route, then by all means do it.

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  • BagItTagItBagItTagIt Member Posts: 164
    Sorry about not seeing the other thread mistake.  I hear what you guys are sayin, but I feel almost exactly like Zohar does in that I just want to have the option in case I don't feel like walking through every square foot of the entire area.....

  • FlashGordanFlashGordan Member Posts: 56
    Yea, ill have to second Zohar, they cam ein really handy on Ultima Online.  And ever since that game i get so bored of any other mmorpg when i have to walk far over and over again

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