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the real question THIS OR THAT?

Lately i have been dying for an MMO, got way to much time on my hands... WoW sucks, all MMO's out really suck. played daoc for years, wow for 2 years, everquest on and off about 1 yr, ive tried all the games from lineage 2 to shadowbane from AC2 to starwargalaxies.......... so yea u get the point ima slut.

with my hopes really set on warhammer online, but not willing to wait 1 year + for it, ive decided to get into LOTRO, or Vanguard.  so im asking the LOTRO community what do they think about it.

vanguard has 15+ classes and 10+ races... a large world made by ex EQ developer brad mcquiad. Good graphics... and good vs evil pvp server are high probablilty at launch. you can call it an EQ clown yes, but EQ was a very fun game not only to explore but classes like the monk were badass.

what do you guys think about VANGUARD VS LOTRO? vanguard is due out early january. ( stated by devs)
and LOTRO is really unknown.  now im a huge tolkien fan, but the question is does LOTRO have enough content? minimum classes and races, the full world wont even be explorable at launch example being gates of mordor or isenguard, minas tireth ect... its from shire to rohan, and its unknown if that will even be in game at launch (rohan)


  • rp2006rp2006 Member Posts: 84

    I will go for LOTRO.

    On the launch you will have eriador.

    Rohan, gondor, mordor will come in expanmtions, or so they say.

    Middle Earth is a enourmous world, and cound't possibly be all in the release, unless thay didnt pay great attention to detail, and made like SWG that generates random terran and random mobs spawn, and for that I am very gratefull

    Eriador is about the same size as WOW 2 continents together, so you can imagine the size of the world after all expantions are live

    Either way and to your question, go for the one you feel inclined too, there is always afree trials of MMORPG's and then you can check out your 2nd choice ;)

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