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lathainlathain Member Posts: 6

Is the Assasination, Thieving PvP any good,

I dont care about quests, dungeons gfraphics, just good old fashion Pc Pc interaction...

Old UO style ?


Anyone wanna comment


  • DjinDjin Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 3,263

    I had a buddy who was an uber thief,  and I even thought it  was annoying.  He would sit around and then ninja steal the loot from the person and they wouldn't even know.  Assassin's are good too,  quick little buggers that can out run you... :)  (I was a heavy armor wearing dwarf)

    For PvP,  it's a good game.  I enjoyed it,  even with all the bugs.  image

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  • lathainlathain Member Posts: 6


    Think i'll give it a try...

    free 10 day trial sound good :)

  • rottweilerrottweiler Member Posts: 6
    Im just now messing with it as soon as i get some time, the PvE is boring as hell but once you get thru it the pvp is 2nd to none. And if you manage to stick with it that long you'll run into nothing but hardcore fans that are a blast to play with. Theres nothing carebear about this game, it's purely about killing other players, and now at best buy its only $10.  But mark my words you will either love it or hate it

  • Billius8Billius8 Member Posts: 574

    P vs. P is way overrated.  If ever there were an overly vocal group it's the P vs. P crowd.  Their numbers are few, but their voices are loud.  Hopefully, the Shadowbane fiasco will wake developers up to the fact that there just aren't that many P vs. P people out there.  Not enough to support a MMORPG, anyway.  There's a good reason that most games have only one or two P vs. P servers, you know.

    How P vs. P effects Shadowbane?  That's the content of the game, fellow players powerleveling up, then ganking all the other players.  Since 90% of the folks who played were targets of this sort of gameplay, they simply quit the game and went somewhere else.  Who wants to be ganked in a game?  Not many folks.  Who wants to gank?  Usually teens who have all summer to powerlevel up their characters while the rest of us working class folks have much more limited time to play.  Ain't going to spend my limited play time getting ganked, tell you that.


  • PsouthPsouth Member Posts: 128

    Billius is half right and half wrong.

    PvP is one of the funnest aspects of games because you can talk trash and test your skills with real thinking people, but he's right about the ganking stuff.

    I think a good consensual PvP system would be nice so you have something to do and keep you going if you get bored of just non-thinking monsters.

    I heard the new ultima online game (Ultima X: Odyssey) has a consensual system like this and the game looks quite decent so i will definately be onboard with that game.

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  • AtothoroAtothoro Member Posts: 5
    yes how dare we interact with other players

  • GorukhaGorukha Member Posts: 1,441
    Shadowbane is as hardcore as my gramma's muffins. 

    It's better be hated for who you are, than loved for who you aren't.

    It's better be hated for who you are, than loved for who you aren't.

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