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new rating scale

yeah its not a biggy, but when i look at the 'highest ranked mmorpgs' on the home page they all round to the nearest whole number, so they all have 8 bars. maybe show somehow that Dark Age of Camelot has that .2% more than FFXI and Anarchy somehow.

Guild Wars Closed Alpha Tester
Lineage 2 Closed Beta Tester
Everquest 2 Closed Beta Tester
Risk Your Life Closed Beta Tester


  • UiruruUiruru Member Posts: 984
    You should probably check out the other threads... There are about 20 threads on this...

    Oh my god... dont ask where i found it

    A: 73% S: 66% K: 33% E: 26%

    98% of the teenage population does or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 98% who has, copy & paste this in your signature.

    A: 73% S: 66% K: 33% E: 26%

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