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Want to know how shadowbane is doing?

DomestoDomesto Member Posts: 110
I stopped over at the shadowbane forums to have a look at how things are going with the game. After looking at this thread I can see that after 3+ years duping is still rampant, mods and CCRs are still corrupt, and hacks are still in full use. Pathetic.


  • Jerek_Jerek_ Member Posts: 409

    duping came back for a short stay and is gone again.  The only server hit hard by it was braillia anyway.. I'm sure it happened on mourning to, but who cares since that server is the repository for all the original duped gold and gear.

    corrupt mods and CCR's-  CCR's no, not so much.  Mods.. I have no proof, but I'll go with 'more than likely'.  Since their only power is to be annoying on the forums, again I say who cares.

    hacks-  if you are refering to the post you linked, thats a guy guessing people's crappy passwords.  Its called being an asshole not hacking.  Possible in any and every game where people do things like use 1234 as a password.  The only 2 PvP exploits I ever see used are a line of sight bug and a attack queing bug some weapon throwers use-  both easy to see happen, record and report, although yes, it is pathetic these havent been fixed.

    I don't usually say this, but really cry more.  If you played before coming here to complain you'd know that the situation in game is nothing like what you just described, and none of the things you mentioned have any effect on 99% of the games population.

  • HellsWizardHellsWizard Member Posts: 44

    He didn't " guess " anything.. He used a Brute Force HTTP cracker, and got an account password.

    And YES, it is like that thread. 90% of the guilds in that game use 3'rd party KeyCloners, Macros, spam-macros to cause lag...  The latest Dupe spread like wildfire, and since WolfPack was closing, they did absolutely nothing, and when people realised they were not going to get busted for it, it went full blown. It's soo bad, people are actively and openly selling multiple pieces of the same FC gear, RIGHT THERE ON UBI BOARDS.

    Not mention the same 3 year old bugs,  exploits, server wide lag spikes that halt game play AT THE TOP OF EVERY HOUR. And if you think i'm kidding read ingame chat, people actually plan shit on time-tables to avoid the " top of the hour lag."

    Seriously, it WAS a great PvP game, but not anymore.

  • Jerek_Jerek_ Member Posts: 409

    you right, my bad.  I should have paid more attention to that.  That is totally screwed up, and I'd be pissed too.

    the dupe did spread, for sure all over brialla.  From what I can tell it had no effect at all on vindi, and I don't know anything about redemtion or wrath right now.  Any effects it had on mourning can just be added to the mass amounts of it that still existed there.  The reason it doesn't bother me, and I don't think it really effects most players, is that once the dupe is fixed the servers hit by it normalize as its gets used up and spreads throughout the server economy.  If anything, it becomes even easier for everyone to be geared equally. 

    Since FC items aren't unique its no worse that selling any other duped item btw.. I have 2 of the exact same FC rings I got directly from devs at 2 different events, although I'm sure any FC stuff changing hands these days are probably the result of the player grave dupe thats now defunct.. but since FC gear is very rarely better than resource gear you can get now legit, meh so what.

    keyclones and macros.  keycloners are some of the worst players I've ever faced.  Exploit or not, its hard to care when all they are doing is gimping themselves.  a group marco'ing in pvp is usually running it on a heal priest or bard-  stun, kill-  know the morons have no heals, gg to them.  Once again, an 'exploit' that only serves to hurt the user.  The only thing that would matter would be if it was rampent enough to lag the server-  I still play brialla and vindi and have no lag issues, so maybe leave mourning?  That servers been a mess for years anyway.   These things came as a direct results of free accounts, dealing with them is usually funny as hell and definetely worth saving 13 bucks a mointh for.

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