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Cloud2234Cloud2234 Member Posts: 20
I wanna try this game but does it hve monthly fees, because it says free here and ppl say it does hve monthly fees so im confused some1 please clarify this for me, thx:D


  • NaturallyNaturally Member Posts: 28
    Nope it sure doesn't, it is completely free now even if it says it costs money somewhere.  Be weary that you can have the funnest time in Shadowbane, but it can be difficult if your just starting.  So if you find a nice active guild to help you, you will do great.  A lot of people will not know what do do with themselves and quit.

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  • Cloud2234Cloud2234 Member Posts: 20
    thx do u still play? maybe i can come on ure server? XD
  • Cloud2234Cloud2234 Member Posts: 20
    can i download it too?
  • NaturallyNaturally Member Posts: 28

    Yep you should be able to download and play from the demo just fine, then what you do is go into your accoutn options and convert to a full subscription.  Which now doesn't cost anything being the game is free.. My friends and I have kind of quit playing SB right now, I just log on every now and then to check on everything.  Work, schooling, you know how it goes...

    hack (hak) n., A clever solution to an interesting problem.

  • Cloud2234Cloud2234 Member Posts: 20
    k thx for the help tho
  • SuitepeeSuitepee Member Posts: 921

    Join the 'Mourning' server; I believe it to be the most active server currently running on SB.

    And whatever class you choose,PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look up the relevant guides and forums for it,so that you nail what runes and stat points you will need,among other things. I know it sounds boring but trust me,nailing that vital 'template' and knowing where you are going will help you in the long run.

    Some (only a few) skills are currently bugged in SB (helps to know what they are so no points wasted),some skills won't need all your points on them to be effective,and some skills aren't needed at all.

    Aside from that,you'll find the PvP challenging and fun,especially in groups.

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