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i want to try it..

FrancoKrisFrancoKris Member Posts: 10

i want to try shadow bane but id like somone to explain to me about it is it a pvp game or whats it about and do i have to buy it! its going to take me 3+/- hours to download so yeah.. i got time :O! oh and how much does it cost and well from reading it seems worth it but.. my main concern about this game is will i be able to run it.. like uh,. yeah do i need a decent internet connection or will a crappy one work -.-


ty gl and have fun


  • chs5138chs5138 Member Posts: 67

    it is THE pvp game. There is only 1 "quest" in the game, and you only do that if you are trying to take over a realm. Max level is 75, but leveling is very easy. Open PvP in the game except for a few safe hold cities and noob island (where you start out at)

    It costs ~$13 a month to play, but well worth it. You'll need to find a guiild that is recruiting though to make leveling easier and so you can enjoy the better parts of pvp (aka Banes which are city sieges)

    I've seen people play it on 56k modems, but it doesn't work out great. As with really any major MMO on the market you are going to need a broadband connection to really enjoy it

  • darktravestydarktravesty Member Posts: 199

    56k works pretty good, actually, if you can connect at above 40k. I used to play on it without much trouble at all.

  • ParepinParepin Member UncommonPosts: 257
    I know someone with 56k who scouts for us, and makes ALOT of kills.  I tried playing WoW on 56k, and couldnt even MOVE.

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