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PvP Server



  • orion2355orion2355 Member Posts: 76

    I dont think it would be a bad idea if they could actually implement it correctly but it's pretty well as is given the circumstances. PvP isnt as huge in City as say Guild Wars or WoW but for those that do enjoy it, it could prove exciting. Of course the downfalls of it all would ensue like a tidalwave given certain points like...

    1)Cost of running another server versus the amount of people who actually enjoy/want/only want to PvP is/would probably be too high of a cost to be effective.

    2)If they did open one up, make it world pvp, all zones open and available, except starter zones, and remove NPCs/mobs from certain zones making it all out warzones strictly filled with players it would lower the population in certain zones making it less effective and making certain zones ghost towns which would end up as falling into the #1 problem.

    3)Some of the ATs available would have a helluva time leveling let alone pvping on a full pvp server and the term "gankbait" would cause riots of foum hell as wordage such as "nerf this archtype into dust" or "I log on and am permahospitaled" or "my (insert power name here) doesnt completely melt the face off of everything, nerf!" would fill the forums quicker than free buffet night in an elderly community.

    Just my 2 infamy would probably be fun and interesting but given the lack of PvP action going on it would seem rather costly for such low involvement from the players. I mean if places like Bloody Bay are virtual deadzones the grounds for a full pvp server are not in the PvPers favor.

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  • unholy414unholy414 Member Posts: 37
    I'd definitely like to have a pvp serer.

    You have a choice to play on it. If you "bruise easilly" then it's just not for you.
  • SlntasnSlntasn Member Posts: 711

    Originally posted by unholy414
    I'd definitely like to have a pvp serer. You have a choice to play on it. If you "bruise easilly" then it's just not for you.

    I don't think a PvP server would be very effective. IMO, the reason they have PvP zones is because some AT's can't PvP worth a damn until a certain level anyways. If you make it world PvP, you will most likely see a mass shortage of some AT's.

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  • BafucinBafucin Member Posts: 276
    It would be great. But they need to open up the world. So we have a mix of Villains and Heros. Now we are too far away. =/
  • orion2355orion2355 Member Posts: 76

    Yeah but if they did that the poor lowbies would be screaming bloody murder over it all. If they opened up the entire world map for both parties chaos would ensue....

    Example A: Tanks,scrappers, blasters and everyone in between would hold nightly fly overs in places like Mercy and Port Oakes decimating everything in their path.

    Example B: Stalkers would sneak into every zone and gank anyone with a heartbeat making the poor hero lowbies wet themselves.

    Like I said before tho, if it could be done well, allow for starter zone cutoffs so lowbies had a chance, and balance was more streamlined so other archtypes could also join in then it would be pretty darn interesting to see. Of course the PvP population would have to grow larger to warrant a seperate server.

    Just my 2 infamy!

    ---I'm not trying to hurt you, I'm simply saving you from that hideous costume you're wearing.

  • GameloadingGameloading Member UncommonPosts: 14,182
    would be pretty pointless, as everybody is stuck in instances anyway..
  • HjorthHjorth Member Posts: 23
    I think that it could bee useful i havent seen any Heros in the PVP zones so

  • the_thespianthe_thespian Member Posts: 24
    There is no need for a PVP server on this game. Unlike WoW and others enemy PC's cannot enter most zones and there are certain zones set aside strictly for PvP. Much like the structure in Guild Wars. If you want to PvP you create a pvp character and play in a pvp world, likewise if you want to RP you can play RP until you get to a highenough level to PVP. The use of specific servers would only complicate the game, spread the designers and devs too thin and more than likely worsen Lag.,

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