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PvP & Raid additions...


PvP....already a thread here stating such but i decided to add it here for a mini bump of sorts.

Just to get folks caught up with the direction the game is going now.

Prophetess of Hour of the Gods
Age of Conan Role Play Guild
~Ashaka Shemei


  • OrionTurbineOrionTurbine Member Posts: 8

    Just wanted to point out, these do not represent a direction change. They are additions to the game, beyond the previously stated game-play goals and overall design.

    Raids - already stated as a piece of our end-game puzzle.

    PvP - announced at E3 and slated for more information in the future.

    Turbine, Inc.

  • FhyreEnyceFhyreEnyce Member Posts: 23
    *looks at Orion with a wink and a wave*  Oh look at the speed you replied to this.  Someone's keeping an eye on this board...very very nice.

    yup yup...thats why I used the used "added" ;)  I see I did use the word "direction", though.  The addition of these may not change the direction of the game but the way they are implemented could.

    I don't have a strong opinion either way.  I am hoping that there is plenty to do at end game that isnt restraining and an immersive world, easy enough.

    Prophetess of Hour of the Gods
    Age of Conan Role Play Guild
    ~Ashaka Shemei

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